Using the Full E-learning level in the College of Computer Science.

The Faculty of Computer Science has started preparations for the application of the Full e-learning level for a certain number of its courses from the beginning of the second semester of the academic year 1430-31. Therefore, the faculty has a pioneering step to apply full e-learning in its courses.

Early preparations were made regarding the courses that are to be taught with coordination with the academic staff teaching them. Final exams will be held inside e-learning labs. Mr. Ali Mosabi, E-learning Specialist at the faculty, held training workshops for the staff. The Deanship provided the necessary support to carry this new attempt to success.

Training and orientation workshops for female students

The e-learning deanship, represented through its female staff, carried on a number of meeting and workshops with the female students of King Khalid University. The aim of the meetings was to orient the students with the effect role e-learning plays in the quality of learning outcomes in their various aspects.

The e-learning specialists also held training for the students on the use of Blackboard System. Ms. Amal Nahari trained three groups of postgraduate students in Almansak branch. She also delivered an introductory lecture at the auditourm of the Community College in Shamasan. Two other workshops were held at the Girls Academic Center ; they were led by Ms. Mariam Awaji and Ms. Najla Al- Darani. It is worth mentioning that the students' attendance, interaction and desire to get acquainted with this style of learning was encouraging. This positively reflects the effort the Deanship is exhorting to develop this Academic Castle.

First semester

First semester