e-Learning Training Sessions Conducted at Al-Namas Campus for Boys

Under the patronage of  Dr. Ali Faiz Abu Hashim Al-Shehri, Dean of the Community College at Al Namas and Supervisor of the College of Science and Arts and Vice Dean Dr.  Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh, the unit of e-learning at Al-Namas Campus for Boys under the supervision of Dr. Rizwan Alam Thakur in coordination with the e-learning Training Unit conducted several training sessions on 2nd and 3rd of December 2013

The training sessions were carried in succession in Arabic and English languages. Mr. Mohammed Jarallah and Mr. Mohamed Qatrawi were deputed by e-learning deanship to Al-Namas campus for this purpose. They trained more than 120 students of Bachelors and Diploma Courses and also trained 49 faculty members of different departments. The e-learning study material was also distributed to all the participants.

The e-Learning setup received lot of appraisals and congratulations from both faculty as well as students for carrying the practical oriented e-Learning training sessions. Senior faculty members of the campus at Al-Namas were trained for advance level as well.

At the end of the training session, the students participated in a quiz with lot of enthusiasm and the two students won the prizes and were given iPads on the spot. The session concluded with a vote of thanks and special thanks were presented to e-learning Deanship for their kind support and guidance in all essence.




E-Learning Activities at the College of Arts and Science for Girls in Balqarn

Under the patronage and guidance of Dean of the College of Education for Girls in Balqarn, Dr. Aliya Al-Qarni, and follow-up of e-Unit supervisor  Dr. Amani Hamed, the following activities successfully completed:

- Introductory session for new faculty members, explained the meaning and benefits of e-learning, levels of e-learning at King Khalid University and how to reach their courses, and how to use the Blackboard system.

2 - Training session for college students which provided brief explanations of e-learning programs, e-learning lab and technical support.

3 - Training was held for faculty members - beginner level - in e-learning lab, on how to use the key tools in Blackboard.

- Training was held for faculty members - advanced level - in e-learning lab, on how to use virtual classrooms andelectronic tests.

Three-day eLearning workshops at the Community College for Girls, Shamasan

Under the patronage of Dr. Munirah Abuhammmah, Dean of the Community College for Girls, Shamasan, and full support of Dr. Samia Mustafa Abed Elsteef, Vice Dean of the College and Ms. Iman Alqahtany, Supervisor of the eLearning, the eLearning Unit at English Department organized three-day eLearning workshops for students of the College. 

Ms. Fozia Zulfiquar, Coordinator of the e-Learning Unit at English Department, conducted the three-day eLearning workshops and presented a detailed presentation titled “An introduction to the e-Learning from Student’s Point of View”. She pointed out the importance of the e-Learning in today’s world. She introduced the students to the basic tools and the system of the Blackboard in practical way. Ms. Fozia gave training to the students on the effective use of the Blackboard tools such as Announcement, Course Description, Lecturer, Assignment, Test, Discussion board, Wikis and Course Message. 

Ms. May Elzein, Coordinator of English Department, extended her full cooperation to the three-day eLearning workshops and helped the students by translating the presentation into Arabic.

Before the three-day eLearning workshops, an eLearning poster to aware the students of the College with the eLearning system was also displayed in the College.

Ms. Maysa, Vice-Coordinator of English Department, Ms. Qamar, Ms. Shabnam Khan, Ms. Sheila Sultan, Ms. Iffat Jahan, Ms. Tahmina Begum, Ms. Ishrat Jahan, Ms. Siraj Munira, Ms. Nawal, and Ms. Ikram provided holistic supports to make the workshops a success.

Three Orientation Sessions for New Girls Students in ABHA

E-Learning team at Colleges of Education & Arts for Girls in Abha, conducted three training sessions for new students, showing them the importance and benefits of e-learning and how to use the tools of e-learning systems.

The sessions were fruitful and interactive, and at the end of the sessions special gifts from e-learning deanship distributed to number of students based on random selection.

The team members who coordinated and provided the sessions are (Ms. Elham Al-Shahrani, Ms. Rehab Al-Shahrani, Ms. Basma Al-Qahtani, Ms. Fatima Al-Qahtani).


Orientation Programs held by E-Learning Deanship for NEW Students

E-Learning Deanship at King Khalid University, held two Orientation Programs for new students of the academic year 1434-1435 AH , entitled "Hour of Learn" to identify systems of e-learning and help the student to use them in their educational process at the university.

The first program held on Tuesday , 11/11/1434 AH for the students of Abha Campus, and the Second one held on Wednesday, 12/11/2013 AH for the students of Mhala Campus.

Mr. Saleh Abu-Amrah, YouTube star, participated in the events , also tow students from the university who have used e-learning (Osama Al-Aradani & Aseel Alzuhian), showed their success stories with e-elearning and transferred their experience to the new students, followed by the explanation of the system of e-learning ( Blackboard ), presented in the two meetings by Mr. Mohammed Al-Jarallah , to clarify how to enter  the system and take advantage of all Systems.

At the end of the events iPad devices from e-learning deanship distributed to number of students based on random selection.

It is worth mentioning that E-Learning Deanship will conduct more orientation programs an all University branches for boys and girls colleges.


Achievements of E-Learning Unit at Girls' Community College in Abha

Attached file contains the deatailed achievment report for Girls' Community College in Abha which prepaired by the E-Unit Supervisor Ms. Iman Al-Qahtani.

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