Advanced Sessions and E-Exams at College of Science

Under the guidance of the Dean of College of Science, Dr. Abdullah Al-Suhaimi, the unit of e-learning at the college conducted advanced training session for students and faculty members about Virtual Classrooms and how benefit from it, the session held in the e-learning lab at the college.

Also a set of electronic tests for a number of courses were held in e-learning labs, all of which were successful and met with students satisfaction. 

The first training session using iPad Lab at University Branch in Bisha

Within students activity program, the e-learning unit at University Branch in Bisha conducted a special training session for students, entitled "Social Networking".

The training session provided by Mr. Mohammed Yahya and Mr. Mohamed Waheed, using iPad Lab of e-learning unit.

This session was the first of its kind which provided through the iPad Lab inside the academic campus in Bisha.

Students interactions were great and they admired the way in which the training was provided.


Training program on eCourses Design at College of Education

Under the guidance of the Dean of College of Education, Dr. Mohammed Hassan Saeed Safran, and within e-learning activities at the college, 5-Day Training Program on eCourses Design & Production had been held, with the rate of (20) hours of training over five workshops for students of - General Diploma in Education.

The training program opened by Dr. Abdullah Saad Al-Amri, Dean of Graduate Studies, and workshops held in the labs of e-learning deanship at the university.

The workshops presented by:

       1 - Prof. Hamza Abdel Hakim Rayashi

       2 - Dr. Abdullah Saad Al Amri

       3 - Dr. Ali Alsagheer Abdel-Aal

       4 - Dr. Ahmed Sadiq Abdul Majeed

       5 - Dr. Mustafa Mohamed Ibrahim

On the closing day of the program, all participants , thank and appreciate the help and support of the Rector and the Deanship of e-learning.


800 Students successfully completed Online MidTerm-Exam in CS College

Under the supervision the Head of Computer Sc. Department,  Dr. Nasser Tairan and with coordination of E-Learning Unit ,   Online midterm exams (Sem 2 , 1433-34) of approximately 800 students of all sections of 101 HAL, have successfully completed in College of Computer Science.

Relevant instructors of the sections reserved the e-Learning Labs  and conducted exam electronically with the support of Lab in charge Mr. Ahmad Shoulan. Students got their results and feedback simultaneously after finishing the exam and were so pleased by that. 

New activities of e-learning unit at College of Science

Under the guidance of the Dean of College of Science, Dr. Abdullah Al-Suhaimi, the unit of e-learning at the college arranged for a training session for students of the course "Quantum Mechanics" about e-learning and how benefit from it, including the following topics:

     1 - how to access the e-learning system

     2 - how to browse the e-course

     3 - how to solve and send duties

     4 - how to deal with the electronic tests

     5 - how to download files from the Learning Management System

The course was provided by Dr. Fathi Mohammed Moiz under the supervision of Dr. Abouelwafa Salem, e-learning unit supervisor.

''iPad in Education'' within eLearning Unit Activities at College of Science

Under the auspices of Prof. Abdullah Al-Suhaimi, Dean of College of Science , and the supervision of Dr. Abu Elwafa Salim, E-Unit Supervisor , two-day training sessions were held for students on how to use and control iPad.

This sessions were the first of its kind and presented by Dr. Ramadan Mohamed Salem , a member of the eLearning Committee.

The sessions were very informative and in addition to students also attended by many faculty members.

The E-Learning Unit at the College updated the IOS to the latest 6.1.3 version for all iPads in the mobile e-learning lab at the unit and installed all the needed applications such as :

iBooks, iTunesU, Blackboard Mobile Learn, Tegrity, Data Analysis