Practical Session for Students of Al-Namas Colleges How to Access and Submit the Assignments on Blackboard

In order to strengthen e-Learning Practices in Al-Namas Campus, e-Learning unit at College of Sciences & Art and Community College conducted a practice session in How to Access and Submit the Assignment on Blackboard.

The session was conducted on 20/12/2011 by the course instructor Mr. Mohammad Ahsan Raza Noori who demonstrated the students how to access assignments and submit them correctly. He offered practice to students in two assignments and assessed them.
The practice session displayed a live performance and generated great interest. This was a part of e-Learning Unit’s plan to train all students in e-Learning and its specific aspects.

The e-Learning Unit at Al-Namas Campus Conducted training session for students on Learning Management System (Blackboard)

A Training session for the students of Diploma in Computer Sciences and Business Administration was conducted in College of Sciences & Art and Community College at Al-Namas Campus, King Khalid University.

The e-Learning Unit at Al-Namas Campus organized a training session on Learning Management System (Blackboard) on 06/12/2011 in e-Learning lab. The session was conducted by e-learning supervisor Mr. Ammar Anas.

He provided the students with illustrative guidance and discussed the gains of virtual learning. During the practice session; the supervisor ascertained the performance in different section of Blackboard 9.1 like Course Description, Announcements, Assignments, Tests, Discussion Board, and Course Mail etc. 

The Dean of College of Sciences & Arts and Community College Dr. Talal Ayed Al-Dahan also attended the session and encouraged students by saying that “e-Learning is a path to Knowledge and Information and it is essential to be proficient in e-Learning”.

In the session Mr. Ali Shahri, Head of the technical Department, provided technical assistance to the students in accessing Blackboard 9.1. Mr. Shariq Shanawaz, Mr. Tamir and Dr. Imad observed the training session and helped students.





ELD Announces: Award winners for Best Video Tutorial (Students)

E-Learning Deanship is pleased to announce the award winners for "Best Video Tutorial (Students)" at King Khalid University, the names of the winners as follows:

Prize Winner (SR 5000): Musa Mohammad Hadi Mohammed (Malaria Video)



 iPad Winner : Mohammad Fuhid Alnahari (IVF Video)

iPod Winner : Ali Nasser Mohammed Alwadai (Networking Video)


For inquiries Please contact Mr. Khaled Al-Zahrani - Director of Public Relations at ELD.

Email: Mobile: 0507838755



For the first time : College of Languages and Translation students use iPods in their e-tests

For the first time, The College of Languages & Translation held its first iPod E-test on Monday 26/11/1432 24/10/2011 .The test took place in the college at 1:30 pm, Dr Mohsin Khan (Teacher of the course) , Dr. Khaled Mohanna (Elearning Team Manager), Mr. Abdullah Aseri ( E-Learning Specialist of the college) were all present in the test hall, all students were given iPod and Dr. Khaled Mohanna explained briefly to the students how to use the iPods in the test , how to enter the blackboard and how to choose the answers, the students also received support and gaudiness from the college Elearning Specialist .

The students response and adapting to the iPods was one of the main advantages of the test, the frustration and fear of the test disappeared from the hall, while the students were impressed and enjoyed the process. 

eLearning Technical Phone Support

In order to provide full support for faculty members and students at any time and from any location, E-Learning Deanship has assigned direct contact phone number (2417000) to provide technical support  from 8:00 am to 12:00 midnight.

KKU-MSU Entrepreneurship Program


The Entrepreneurial Mindset

An online course offered by Michigan State University

         October 3 – December 16, 2011   




Ever consider starting a business? Do you have a passion for something you want to do?

Want to learn about what it takes to think and act like an entrepreneur?

How can you know whether your idea is a good one or not?

 Meet students from Michigan who are equally interested in exploring the exciting field of entrepreneurship. Small class size will guarantee that you’ll get to know your classmates and professor.



The class is taught by Professor Barbara Fails, Director of the MSU Entrepreneurship Network and Professor of Rural Entrepreneurship. Dr. Fails has a background in agriculture, small business, continuing education, and community outreach. She has started two small businesses herself, and directs a program that helps communities in Michigan support local entrepreneurs.


Course Objectives:


Those who succeed in entrepreneurship credit much of their success to a set of attributes. Those distinctive attributes, which include a certain way of thinking and behaving, and can be learned, are at the core of this course. This course will NOT teach you how to start a business, but it WILL help you develop a mindset that will let you see possibilities, develop solutions to problems, take calculated risks, build enterprises, and create value – in many aspects of your life. So, whether you aspire to own a business, start a nonprofit organization, lead a civic cause, or live life more fully, this course is for you.

 This class relies on the support of others to help you with your learning. You will be expected to build relationships inside and outside of the class with others who will help you with projects, and with your entrepreneurial interests. You must be a self-starter and be accountable to others for your contributions.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize and develop characteristics and behaviors of individuals who are entrepreneurial

  • Explore your own entrepreneurial interests and aptitudes

  • See entrepreneurship as a lifestyle and career choice

  • Experience entrepreneurial activities and begin to develop a more entrepreneurial perspective

  • Develop a network of individuals who are entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial service providers

  • Manage ambiguity, uncertainty, risk, and assume responsibility for outcomes

  • Work in teams

  • Learn how to share your ideas with others in a quick “pitch” format


Online course content will include:

Video lectures

Contemporary articles and popular books (all included and provided to you)

Homework assignments

Hands-on activities to help you start testing and developing your own talents for entrepreneurship

Case studies that describe real business examples from Asir Province and the United States



You do not need to be a business major! You may not even be sure that you want to start a business one day. We do ask that you have:

  • English competency (reading and writing primarily)

  • Access to internet from home (web, skype, email)

  • A commitment to spend at least 12 hours/week on the course

  • An interest in improving your understanding of entrepreneurship

  • Willingness to continue studying during the Hajj vacation



Successfully complete the course and earn a Certificate of Achievement from Michigan State University and King Khalid University.