My experience : Byan Mohammad Al- Ghaberi

E-learning is a unique way of  learning   in a veritable and fun approach , it allows   students   skills to grow and exposes hidden  talents that have been   concealed   for years . As  a student that came across both ways in learning (Traditional and E  learning ) and  from  experiencing  e learning  through  one of the Islamic subjects  I studied,  I  noticed a big difference between the two approaches . Traditional  learning  defects were very obvious  to me after  my experience with e learning ,  traditional learning   limits  the methods  of learning  for these   mutual subjects ,  for we only attend  our lectures  as listeners and leave the class room as only that ! we memorize what we can on the day of the  exam and  receive grades  ,but  without  a clear  knowledge outcome  of the subject,   our grades may be excellent  ,but as for  many of us  the  content of the subject is still a wonder ! . On the other hand  e learning is  a two way  approach you  take as much as you  give , it is a very easy  and fun way to learn and the benefits seem to remain even after the end of the course .  

Therefore I encourage  e-learning specially in mutual subjects , mainly  if the  professor is  cooperative ,  qualified and helps  you   search and explore  all aspects  of the material .  Doctor Bandar Abdul  Wahab is an example  that had a  clear impact   in  describing  the course to us  in a  different   integrated way   , he also gave us the chance to discuss and express our opinions  and for that I sincerely  thank him and   all those   in this system . 


Study: The effect of using distance education on academic achievement for the students of Department of Accounting


The title of the study: The effect of using distance education on academic achievement for the students of Department of Accounting.

This research aims at knowing the effect of using Distance Learning on accounting students' achievement. The study sample has been composed from 9 female students enrolled to get Specialist Diploma in Accounting  women community college at khamis mushait  in the academic year 1431/1432 .The research has been conducted through  experimenting the instructional media to know the effect that is caused on the  ratio of understanding and comprehension for students .The results of the research have confirmed the success of using this technology in teaching learning process.Moreover, the results of the research that instructional  media based on oral aspects govern the role of teacher in accordance  with the nature of goals which we seek to achieve to produce the instructional  media, the type of teaching which we want to use the media for. Furthermore, the results of the research the capacity to use electronic education aspect in all subjects whether the curricular or non-curricular. Accordingly, the researcher recommends conducting further researches related to this topic, in addition to investing Distance learning in teaching process in all of its types and forms.


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E-learning , Are we there yet! A study by KKU Medical Students

E-learning , Are we there yet
Authors : *Osamah alghamdi , *Mohammad Mosheabah  , *Abdullah laftal
*Medical students , King Khaled university* 
Some previous studies in Saudi Arabia were done Looking for using of the internet by medical students and their skills in learning from internet and computer technology look for a new education processes. much concluded that there will be a much benefit from using internet and computer application to be assisting the medical education.
This study done by medical students on 2009 after the very rapid jumps in internet web services and the progression of electronic medical education , our current study conducted to find out if e-learning based medical education has been developed accordingly . 
This study have been conducted composing of two main sections Questionnaire  was distributed on 142 medical students in King Khalid University – college of medicine from different levels of education (Clinical-Basic science) were chosen randomly  and statistical Review of two E-learning management . the questionnaire done to see what are the choices of studying for in the college, then look for a general prospect of the skills of computer and how students are with it and what are their purposes of using it , then looking for how much time is spent on the internet Also, how they are strong searching for medical information being asked for. Finally, a question about how to be looking for this information and their knowledge about some internet medical searching services.
Then to see if the College website is the first choice for medical information and, if they have encountered to see a website designed by medical experts .  On the other hand the reviewing of the E-learning management system looking for timing of the day they access the BB system and then evaluating the activity of those students ( expressed by hits number in the system )  in two different courses pathology and Biochemistry and how they are interacted with these different educational activities Assignments, content. Lectures, Course Content and if they continues involved in the discussion
Among 142, the study sample in the questionnaire, 21.1 % was the percentages of students in Basic science and 79.9% from the clinical level of education.
As the first query regarding their choices of medical education , ranking as the lectures and lecture notes( babperback) came 1st by 96.5% of them then E-learning secondly By 42% of students and 35% of students have chosen paperback( text books-note book )
         On reviewing their experiences of computer skills, 96.5 % of them considered themselves as aware of using Computer. While 3.5% reported that their experience in a minimal level. About the purpose of using the computer, 62.5% using the computer for personal purpose, while 15% for professional use, and 25% in academic use.
    To reveal out if the medical searching of information starting from the university's website,95% reported that they are not using the website for that matter and 5% report that they do it sometimes .
Coming to  acquire information about if the students were aware of medical website designed for Undergraduate medical students , 66.9% report they are not and 33.1% report of a positive one. In regarding of how to search for the medical information, 70.4 % of the students told that they know how to. However, 29.6% of them don’t know how to search for that kind of information being needed.
Coming to the main gate for which searching of information is done  through , the web search engines topped by 43% of the sample . Forums and blogs come second as 31% of the students chose this ones . 15.5% of our study sample depend on popular downloading websites in their searching . While , 10.5% of the whole number of the students came to pick they start with specific medical sites as their choice on searching for medical information they want .
Then as toward their benefits from website for e-learning medical education: 55.6% found it extremely helpful and 41.5% reported that it would help them to some points and 2.8% found it accepted 2.8% and No student report that they will not be getting any benefit from such websites.
Then as study evaluate the needs for the students and what materials and resources needed to be available , 100 student asked for lecture notes while 107 choose the audiovisual to be uploaded , 93 choose to have text books to be posted also .
As it comes to the specialty needed to be provided for this segment i.e undergraduate medical students , 93 informed the need for surgery and medicine as the priority , OB/GYN and Pediatric collectively chosen by 64 student then 128 student asked that basic science should be posted .
On Reviewing the E-learning management system  provided from E-learning deanship in King Khalid university of A course of pathology with 43 student enrolled as for the maximum attendee where found in night from 7pm to 12am holding a percentage of 40% of all hits .
Moving to review content area , total activity on system were reviewed measured by hits on e-learning management system . there was a large difference between the highest 716 hits and lowest 14 hits but over than 80% of students were ranged in hits from 100 to 300 hits on system divided mainly on course content section as well as assignment .
The same measures were also , applied on Biochemistry course the results were as follows the major logging activity in overall day time were in morning from 9 Am to 12Pm but here there was no major variation in total activity as most students were falling from 100 to 200 hits distributes eventually over all content materials .
Upon the Results shown in the survey and from the E-learning management system that Undergraduate students specially in medical field are good segment to absorb  e-learning education and facilitate all available electronic resources for them as they constitute a good environment also the study brought out clearly the needed resources to be provided .
Now , we are upon a good future for e-learning medical education , though a lot  of resources and facilities are  provided that can ease the learning online . The need for further studies and cooperation from government and private sectors to ensure this promising future .
To the E-learning Deanship in King khalid university for their huge support for the future researching scientists .