E-learning Activities at the Colleges of Arts and Education for Girls in Abha

Under the patronage of Dean of the Colleges of Arts and Education for Girls in Abha , Dr. Khayria Mohammed Al Hassan , the e-unit at the colleges represented by the supervisor Dr. Asma Fathi Abdul Aziz, successfully completed many activities during the first semester of the academic year 1434-1435 AH , as follows :

* Holding many training sessions and workshops for faculty members

* Implementation of the idea (Opinions and Suggestions) , to develop e-learning at the colleges

* Visiting all departments in order to identify the difficulties facing faculty members regarding e-learning , and try to solve the problems.

* Activation of (eLearning Day) at the Colleges


E-Learning Unit Activities at College of Science and Arts for Girls in Namas

E-Learning Unit at College of Science and Arts for Girls in Namas، conducted 16 training workshops for faculty members on e-learning system , virtual classrooms and electronic tests .

72 % of the faculty members at the college attended the sessions in both Arabic and English language, which included male members and members of non- Arabic speakers of English Department , The sessions were under the supervision of the training manager, Mr. Mohamed Jarallah and presented by e-unit supervisor, Ms. Ohoud Alshehri , Dr. Imran Altaweel and Dr. Siham Taha.

E-Unit announced the continuation of setting up workshops throughout the academic year to improve the e-learning at the college and to achieve the university goals.

Three-day eLearning workshops at the Community College for Girls, Shamasan

Under the patronage of Dr. Munirah Abuhammmah, Dean of the Community College for Girls, Shamasan, and full support of Dr. Samia Mustafa Abed Elsteef, Vice Dean of the College and Ms. Iman Alqahtany, Supervisor of the eLearning, the eLearning Unit at English Department organized three-day eLearning workshops for students of the College. 

Ms. Fozia Zulfiquar, Coordinator of the e-Learning Unit at English Department, conducted the three-day eLearning workshops and presented a detailed presentation titled “An introduction to the e-Learning from Student’s Point of View”. She pointed out the importance of the e-Learning in today’s world. She introduced the students to the basic tools and the system of the Blackboard in practical way. Ms. Fozia gave training to the students on the effective use of the Blackboard tools such as Announcement, Course Description, Lecturer, Assignment, Test, Discussion board, Wikis and Course Message. 

Ms. May Elzein, Coordinator of English Department, extended her full cooperation to the three-day eLearning workshops and helped the students by translating the presentation into Arabic.

Before the three-day eLearning workshops, an eLearning poster to aware the students of the College with the eLearning system was also displayed in the College.

Ms. Maysa, Vice-Coordinator of English Department, Ms. Qamar, Ms. Shabnam Khan, Ms. Sheila Sultan, Ms. Iffat Jahan, Ms. Tahmina Begum, Ms. Ishrat Jahan, Ms. Siraj Munira, Ms. Nawal, and Ms. Ikram provided holistic supports to make the workshops a success.

Workshop on “Online Testing: Problems & Remedies” for Faculty Members

Under the patronage of Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi, Dean of the Faculty of Languages & Translation, the eLearning Unit at the Faculty, organized a teacher-training workshop on “Online Testing: Problems & Remedies”.

Dr. Abdulkhaliq Al-Qahtany, Vice Dean for Quality & Development, Dr. Hamad Aldosari, Chairman of English Department, Mr. Abdullah Al-Rezgi, the Director of English Language Center, and Dr. Khalid Mohanna, Manager of the eLearning Team graced the occasion.

Mr. Mohsin Raza Khan, Supervisor of the eLearning Unit at the Faculty, said, “The purpose of the workshop is to spread awareness among the teachers about the Online Testing System; the problems that may occur during the test, and possible remedies that may be applied to get rid of the problems.

Mr. Rizwan Ghani and Mr. Salahuddin Abdul Rab conducted the workshop and presented a detailed presentation titled “Online Testing: Problems & Remedies”. Mr. Rizwan Ghani explained and displayed practically the steps for uploading the test to Blackboard, copying the test to the local computer, and deploying it to other sections. He also explained the recommended settings in the Test Options like the number of attempts, set-timer and the auto-submit option for the upcoming examinations of the ELC.  Mr. Salahuddin Abdul Rab continued the presentation by zooming in on the process of downloading the results from the Grade Centre and administering the Excel sheets developed for preparation of the result in the ELC. He, thereafter, shifted his focus to the expected complications, which the faculty members might face while conducting the online tests. The participants were also given an opportunity to raise questions and get answers and solutions from both the presenters.  The attendees  also discussed the problems which they had faced during the previous online examinations. 

In the closing  remarks, Dr. Hamad Aldosari, Chairman of English Department applauded the presentation and stressed the need for the observance of the basic characteristics of a good test viz. validity, reliability,  authenticity and comprehensiveness during the forthcoming ELC examinations.

Dr. Mohammad Asif Ishfaq, Mr. Javed Ahmed, Mr. Abdullah Al-Zubain and Mr. Abdul Aziz provided holistic support to make this workshop a success.


2-Way SMS with Blackboard ConnectTxt

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For details, please see the attached file:

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'' Hadith Course '' Developed by Dr. Abdullah Alshahrani "May Allah have mercy on him"

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:

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