New E-Learning activities at College of Science

E-Learning Unit at College of Science, conducted two training sessions for the students of the course 101 Physics.

Training sessions held in E-Learning Lab at the College of Science and presented by Dr. Abu-Elwafa Salim, e-learning unit supervisor.

Orientation Program for the New Faculty Members at College of Languages

The Deanship of the College of Languages & Translation organized an Orientation Program for the New Faculty Members on Tuesday, September 03, 2013 in the Learning Lab A/3/86.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi, the Dean of the College of Languages & Translation, welcomed all the new faculty members and highlighted some cultural clues that need to be taken into consideration by the new teaching staff who belong to the USA, South Africa and Bangladesh. Dr. Al-Melhi said: “One of the most stressful aspects of moving to another country is facing a completely new culture. Coping with culture shock is one of the more challenging aspects of moving overseas. The good news is that everyone adapts after a while. It can be hard at times, but it is truly such a valuable life experience that no one would ever regret going through.” To cope with new culture, Dr. Al-Melhi suggested: “It is so important to keep a positive mindset, minimize exposure to what you dislike and maximize exposure to what you like the best, find like-minded friends, explore the area, the region, and the country, develop supportive relationships at work and home, be respectful of customs and traditions even if you do not agree with them, reach out to the Saudis and get to know them and minimize the cultural gaps and the language barriers.”

Dr. Abdul Wahid Al-Zumor, an Associate Professor at the College, presented a detailed presentation on the theme of “Quality and Development System at KKU: Where do the faculty stand?”. He said that the educational accreditation is a type of quality assurance process under which an educational institution is evaluated. Dr. Al-Zumor emphasized both internal and external evaluations and explained all aspects of the quality and development system at KKU that are important to be known by all the faculty members who are expected to participate enthusuastically in all accreditation processes. He also emphasized that the English program is one of the six programs selected by the university authorities to go through the developmental evaluation project which entails the importance of active involvement by all faculty members.  

Mr. Mohsin Raza Khan, Supervisor of the eLearning Unit at the College, presented a detailed presentation titled “E-Learning & Blackboard”. He said: “The future of the education belongs to the virtual world. It means that it belongs to the E-Learning. Therefore, to meet the global educational needs and to face the future challenges, the Ministry of Higher Education in KSA has established a National Center for ELearning & Distance Learning (NCEL). That’s why, King Khalid University mentions in clause no. 5 of its strategic goals that “Activating the utilization of technology in order to build a knowledge-based society” is one of the goal. To fulfill its goal, the University has established a full-fledged Deanship i.e.  “Deanship of eLeanring”. Mr. Khan pointed out all the aspects of the eLearning system at KKU with special reference to the Quality Matters Standards.

Dr. Ismail Al-Refaii, the Director of Language Research Center at the College, introduced the Language Research Center to all the new faculty members and highlighted the vision, mission, goals, units and activities of the Center. He urged the new teaching staff to be active participants in the center's activities throughout the academic year.

Dr. Dawood Mahdi, the Academic Advisor of the College Students, highlighted the major students’ affairs and explained many practical issues which all faculty members deal with in their day-to-day duties at the university such as attendance, tests, students' problems, etc.

All the new faculty members who belong to different countries attended the program. Five of the new staff are from the United States of America, one is from South Africa and one is from Bangladesh. This new addition to the department of English promotes the diversification established in the English department with teaching staff belonging to almost 13 nationalities.

eCourses development project and electronic library of developed courses

With full support of the Rector Prof. Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Dawod, E-Learning Deanship started new project to develop electronic courses and integrate them within a digital electronic library to include electronic courses developed to help faculty members to take advantage of the content in the educational process.

The courses developed with high quality based on international quality standards (QM) and all are compatible with the study plan followed in sections and colleges.

Developing process takes one semester and with professional specialized team.

We have developed approximately 13 courses, including 5 master courses and by the end of this semester, God willing, will complete the development of approximately 24 courses.

eCourses Development Team at E-Learning Deanship


Electronically developed course is the best option at the level of courses in general.


Provide a developed course with high-quality consistent with the needs and demand of the community both inside and outside the university.


1 - Solving the problems of building full online course, which requires more time and effort.

2 - Designing a unique electronic course in terms of content and electronic lectures to serve the faculty member and student alike.

3 - Sharing content inside and outside the university through the public channels available.

  - Attached file contains a full list of developed courses :

Courses List.docx76.8 KB

Achievements of E-Learning Unit at Girls' Community College in Abha

Attached file contains the deatailed achievment report for Girls' Community College in Abha which prepaired by the E-Unit Supervisor Ms. Iman Al-Qahtani.

Report.docx130.5 KB

New E-Learning Stage at the College of Education

In coordination with E-Learning Unit at College of Education , Mr. Abdullah Asiri, e-learning specialist from e-learning deanship and Dr. Mustafa Ibrahim, e-unit supervisor at college of education, visited the Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Mohammed bin Hassan Saeed Safran; in order to determine the needs of the college and the future aspirations regarding e-learning and its activation.

Many things discussed during the meeting including the e-unit and new e-learning lab preperation along with mobile iPad lab which will be provided by e-learning deanship to cover the students needs in the college of education.

The visit was fruitful and the Dean of the College of Education showed his full support to e-learning. 

Advanced Sessions and E-Exams at College of Science

Under the guidance of the Dean of College of Science, Dr. Abdullah Al-Suhaimi, the unit of e-learning at the college conducted advanced training session for students and faculty members about Virtual Classrooms and how benefit from it, the session held in the e-learning lab at the college.

Also a set of electronic tests for a number of courses were held in e-learning labs, all of which were successful and met with students satisfaction.