"Electronic Tests" Workshop at College of Administrative and Financial Sciences

Within the activities of e-learning units at College of Administrative and Financial Sciences, a workshop entitled "Electronic Tests" was held for faculty members of the college, on Sunday, 01/28/1435 AH.

The workshop presented by the e-unit supervisor, Dr. Osama Sallam and was attended by a number of faculty members.

E-Learning Activities at the College of Arts and Science for Girls in Balqarn

Under the patronage and guidance of Dean of the College of Education for Girls in Balqarn, Dr. Aliya Al-Qarni, and follow-up of e-Unit supervisor  Dr. Amani Hamed, the following activities successfully completed:

- Introductory session for new faculty members, explained the meaning and benefits of e-learning, levels of e-learning at King Khalid University and how to reach their courses, and how to use the Blackboard system.

2 - Training session for college students which provided brief explanations of e-learning programs, e-learning lab and technical support.

3 - Training was held for faculty members - beginner level - in e-learning lab, on how to use the key tools in Blackboard.

- Training was held for faculty members - advanced level - in e-learning lab, on how to use virtual classrooms andelectronic tests.

Training Activities at Academic Campus in Muhayil Asir

The e-learning department at the Academic Campus in Muhayil Asir provided training program for all faculty members of the colleges in the campus, the program included a range of sessions " the basics of e-learning , objectives , electronic tests, online assignments, and quality standards in building e-courses and how to apply them''.

The sessions presented by Mr. Ali Al-Shehri in both English and Arabic language, under the auspices of the General Supervisor of the University branch in Tihama, Prof. Saeed bin Mohammed Al Raffaa , and the supervision of the Dean of the College Prof. Mohammed bin Nasser Al-Qarni.

It is worth mentioning that the program is still ongoing to establish more practical workshops , as well as virtual classroom sessions.

Mr. Suliyman Albargi, director of e-learning in Tihama branch of the University, thanks and appreciates all attendees and participants in the successful program.


E-learning Activities at the Colleges of Arts and Education for Girls in Abha

Under the patronage of Dean of the Colleges of Arts and Education for Girls in Abha , Dr. Khayria Mohammed Al Hassan , the e-unit at the colleges represented by the supervisor Dr. Asma Fathi Abdul Aziz, successfully completed many activities during the first semester of the academic year 1434-1435 AH , as follows :

* Holding many training sessions and workshops for faculty members

* Implementation of the idea (Opinions and Suggestions) , to develop e-learning at the colleges

* Visiting all departments in order to identify the difficulties facing faculty members regarding e-learning , and try to solve the problems.

* Activation of (eLearning Day) at the Colleges


Saudi Ambassador to Germany Inaugurates Saudi Pavilion at Online Educa Berlin

His Excellency Prof. Osama Shobokshi, Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to the Federal Republic of Germany, has inaugurated the Ministry of Higher Education's pavilion at Online Educa Berlin 2013, taking place during the period Dec. 4 - 6, and in the presence of His Excellency Prof. Mohammed Abdulaziz Alohali, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education for Educational Affairs. Prof. Shobokshi made a tour at the ministry's pavilion in the exhibition represented at by the National Center for e-Learning and Distance Learning NCeL, and its various sections that highlight the role of Saudi Arabia in supporting higher education institutions and educational programs and shedding light on role of higher education in laying foundations of the current boom of education , and to enhance the level of relations with participants at the international event that could help in developing e-Learning ideas and projects in the Kingdom.

Prof. Shobokshi was pleased with contents of the pavilion, stressing that the conference is one of the important conferences attended by the Kingdom.

This year's version of the conference is marked with the presence of prominent Saudi universities and the Saudi digital library in addition to the Saudi contributions at the scientific program of the conference.

King Khalid University delegation represented by, Dr. Salim Al-Alyani , ELD vice dean , Dr. Abdullah Almohaya, Mr. Riyad Al-Sa'ab.

The 19th version of the conference cover a range of topics related to important issues for e-learning in the corporate, public and academic sectors with focusing on impact, results and change, as it is an international center for the exchange of ideas and experiences about about e-Learning and training. The conference is annually attended by over 2,000 participants from nearly 100 countries , making it the perfect place for the annual meeting of e-learning .


'Twasul' team meet the Dean and Vice Dean of Applied Medical Sciences College in Abha

In order to keep the communication with all Colleges of the University, E-Learning Deanship established new a specialized team " Twasul " The mission of the group is to be in direct communication with the deans , vice deans and e-unit supervisors to follow up the e-learning status at the colleges , stand on colleges needs and to present the new programs and project.

In this sense , a delegation from the team represented by Dr. Khalid Al-Mohanna , Mr. Ahmed Al Shaflout and Mr. Abdullah Asiri visit and meet with the Dean of the College of Applied Medical Sciences Dr. Khalid Ahmari , Vice Dean Dr. Hussein Al Mohyi and discussed several things , including:

   * E-Learning status at the college with the agreement on preparing some reports of the College

   * Co-Teaching project, agreed that 6 courses to be taught next semester by adjunct faculties

   * The status of the new college website and what has been reached

At the end of the meeting, many photos taken for the dean by Mr. Salih Abuamrh and Mr. Khalil Alasmi to be archived for KKU Portal.