Modern & Well-Equipped E-Learning Labs

E-Learning Deanship at King Khalid University, established modern well-equipped labs which set up to serve students of the University and are available throughout campuses.


653 eCourses approved to be taught electronically in the 1st Semester

In order for King Khalid University to convey its message in applying e-elearning in its ideal way to support the students and benefit them, 653 eCourses (Blended & Full) approved to be taught electronically in 1st semester 1434 - 1435 A.H.

The eCourses approval process based on electronic methodology which requires colleges and e-learning deanship acceptance.


Three Orientation Sessions for New Girls Students in ABHA

E-Learning team at Colleges of Education & Arts for Girls in Abha, conducted three training sessions for new students, showing them the importance and benefits of e-learning and how to use the tools of e-learning systems.

The sessions were fruitful and interactive, and at the end of the sessions special gifts from e-learning deanship distributed to number of students based on random selection.

The team members who coordinated and provided the sessions are (Ms. Elham Al-Shahrani, Ms. Rehab Al-Shahrani, Ms. Basma Al-Qahtani, Ms. Fatima Al-Qahtani).


Orientation Programs held by E-Learning Deanship for NEW Students

E-Learning Deanship at King Khalid University, held two Orientation Programs for new students of the academic year 1434-1435 AH , entitled "Hour of Learn" to identify systems of e-learning and help the student to use them in their educational process at the university.

The first program held on Tuesday , 11/11/1434 AH for the students of Abha Campus, and the Second one held on Wednesday, 12/11/2013 AH for the students of Mhala Campus.

Mr. Saleh Abu-Amrah, YouTube star, participated in the events , also tow students from the university who have used e-learning (Osama Al-Aradani & Aseel Alzuhian), showed their success stories with e-elearning and transferred their experience to the new students, followed by the explanation of the system of e-learning ( Blackboard ), presented in the two meetings by Mr. Mohammed Al-Jarallah , to clarify how to enter  the system and take advantage of all Systems.

At the end of the events iPad devices from e-learning deanship distributed to number of students based on random selection.

It is worth mentioning that E-Learning Deanship will conduct more orientation programs an all University branches for boys and girls colleges.


eLearning Deanship participated in ''New-Faculty Orientation Program'' 2013

eLearning Deanship participated in  ''New-Faculty Orientation Program'', which organized by Deanship of Teaching Staff and Employees at King Khalid University under the auspices of the University President Prof. Abdul Rahman Al-Daoud.

Mr. Mohammad Al-Jarallah, training manager at e-learning deanship, provided an introductory presentation on the

e-learning explaining the eLearning systems and services provided by eLearning Deanship.

The participation of eLearning Deanship in that program where fruitful and highly appreciated by the participants and the organizers.

Achievements of E-Unit at College of Sharia during last academic year

Attached file has the detailed report about what have been achieved by E-Unit at College of Sharea during last academic year, Prepared by Dr. Ali Alabedi, E-Unit Supervisor.

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