ELD congratulates KKU family on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr

E-Learning Deanship congratulates King Khalid University family on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr.

Wishing you all happy and a blessed Eid.


E-Learning Survey Results at College of Administrative & Financial Sciences

The E-Learning Committee at College of Administrative and Financial Sciences, in cooperation with the e-learning unit at the college, prepared an opinion poll about e-learning and faculty needs to increase the activation of e-learning at the college.

The questionnaire included sixteen questions revolved around the problems that can hinder the activation of e-learning in addition to the required needs to overcome that.

Attached file contains the detailed results of the survey:

Survey_Results.docx46.29 KB

E-learning achievements at the Colleges of Arts and Education for Girls in Abha

E-Learning unit at the Colleges of Arts and Education for Girls in Abha achieved 96% of the action plan for the colleges related to the academic year 1433 - 1434 , which involved many of the standards and achievements such as:

* Determining the vision, mission and goals for the e-learning unit as part of an overall quality plan for the colleges.

* Promoting a culture of e-learning and enable all members of the colleges and develop their skills through many orientation and training sessions held throughout the year.

* Production of high quality electronic courses based on QM standards.

* Establishing the first electronic content library.

* Enhancing the potential of faculty members and students in the use of learning systems via continued support.

* Successfully completed 542 electronic tests during the last academic year.



More than 163 eCourses approved to be taught electronically in summer semester

In order for King Khalid University to convey its message in applying e-elearning in its ideal way to support the students and benefit them, more than 163 eCourses approved to be taught electronically in summer semester 1433 - 1434 A.H.

The eCourses approval process based on electronic methodology which requires colleges and e-learning deanship acceptance.


Survey : E-Learning (Disadvantages and Advantages)

University weekly newspaper (AFAQ) in its issue No. 82 on 1 June 2013 , published a survey about E-Learning (Disadvantages and Advantages) prepared by Ms. Iman Asiri and Ms. Hanadi Al Musaid.

   * To access the survey, please click here.



E-learning Performance at College of Education for Girls in Belgarn

Dr. Amani Hamed, the e-learning unit supervisor at College of Education for girls in Balqarn, prepared a final report for the most important activities and achievements of the Unit for the academic year 1433 - 1434 AH which included the following:

Unity Facilities:

   * E-learning lab with 22 computers , in addition to projector & display screen.

   * A special equiped office of e-learning unit.

Main Activities:

   1 - Spread the culture of e-learning between faculty members and students at the college.

   2 - Special e-learning pages on the social networks were created.

   3 - Formal email for e-learning unit to provide support through it, was created.

   4 - Number of introductory meetings for faculty members and students were held.

   5 - Training sessions on many subjects and levels for faculty members and students were provided.

   6 - An electronic test was conducted for the first time at the college level.

   7 - Provided full support for faculty members.

   8 - Many training courses using virtual classrooms were held.

   9 - Provided special training courses for students.

   10 - The Supervisor evaluated the e-courses for the second semester.

   11 - Achieved to get high rate of activation of electronic courses which reached 88.7%

   12 - Prepared a detailed report for each department about e-courses activation ratio.

   13 - Held a final meeting shows the unit achievements and future aspirations.