My experience : Byan Mohammad Al- Ghaberi

  • عمادة التعلم الالكتروني
    Sun - 03/07/2011

E-learning is a unique way of  learning   in a veritable and fun approach , it allows   students   skills to grow and exposes hidden  talents that have been   concealed   for years . As  a student that came across both ways in learning (Traditional and E  learning ) and  from  experiencing  e learning  through  one of the Islamic subjects  I studied,  I  noticed a big difference between the two approaches . Traditional  learning  defects were very obvious  to me after  my experience with e learning ,  traditional learning   limits  the methods  of learning  for these   mutual subjects ,  for we only attend  our lectures  as listeners and leave the class room as only that ! we memorize what we can on the day of the  exam and  receive grades  ,but  without  a clear  knowledge outcome  of the subject,   our grades may be excellent  ,but as for  many of us  the  content of the subject is still a wonder ! . On the other hand  e learning is  a two way  approach you  take as much as you  give , it is a very easy  and fun way to learn and the benefits seem to remain even after the end of the course .  

Therefore I encourage  e-learning specially in mutual subjects , mainly  if the  professor is  cooperative ,  qualified and helps  you   search and explore  all aspects  of the material .  Doctor Bandar Abdul  Wahab is an example  that had a  clear impact   in  describing  the course to us  in a  different   integrated way   , he also gave us the chance to discuss and express our opinions  and for that I sincerely  thank him and   all those   in this system .