e-Learning Training Sessions Conducted at Al-Namas Campus for Boys

  • عمادة التعلم الالكتروني
    Wed - 11/12/2013

Under the patronage of  Dr. Ali Faiz Abu Hashim Al-Shehri, Dean of the Community College at Al Namas and Supervisor of the College of Science and Arts and Vice Dean Dr.  Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh, the unit of e-learning at Al-Namas Campus for Boys under the supervision of Dr. Rizwan Alam Thakur in coordination with the e-learning Training Unit conducted several training sessions on 2nd and 3rd of December 2013

The training sessions were carried in succession in Arabic and English languages. Mr. Mohammed Jarallah and Mr. Mohamed Qatrawi were deputed by e-learning deanship to Al-Namas campus for this purpose. They trained more than 120 students of Bachelors and Diploma Courses and also trained 49 faculty members of different departments. The e-learning study material was also distributed to all the participants.

The e-Learning setup received lot of appraisals and congratulations from both faculty as well as students for carrying the practical oriented e-Learning training sessions. Senior faculty members of the campus at Al-Namas were trained for advance level as well.

At the end of the training session, the students participated in a quiz with lot of enthusiasm and the two students won the prizes and were given iPads on the spot. The session concluded with a vote of thanks and special thanks were presented to e-learning Deanship for their kind support and guidance in all essence.





Thank you every one for kind

Thank you every one for kind support.