Jamila Mohammed Masoud Al-Bishi

 - How did you benefit from e-learning?

 Advantages of E-Learning were great , ranging from the completion of assignments required at any time, anywhere with the presence of lectures. Also, even though the student absent from class she found the lecture on Blackboard. The system is so easy to access and allow us to communicate with teachers of both sexes, it is really a great jump in the world of education.

- When and how you join to the team e-learning and what is the role that you have done?

In fact, I did not join the team of e-learning, but I wish to do so. But, although I did not join, I help my colleagues in how to log onto e-learning system and how to deal with the tools and options.

- What is the reason behind your support for e-learning at the university?

Indeed, the motivation for me that I always aspire for the advancement of education in our dear country, as I always think that is the right of every student to study at all educational levels by e-Learning.

- How do you see the future of e-Learning at the University?

It is great step shining in the sky of excellence which has many positives also has a downside, but I am confident that those negatives will be overcome by the University.