Reem Talbi

E-learning for All
Under this motto, I penned my successful story with e-learning. Since I was in my tender years, I had a dream to pursue my graduate studies, and I really wished I could do realize my dream in King Khalid University. I never conceived of such a dream that could be easily facilitated into being through a medium so efficient as the e-learning environment. E-learning systems keep up with my dream; it supports it, and makes me feel that learning can make a difference if pursued through e-learning endeavours – an experience I can never had elsewhere in Saudi universities.Since my early errands with e-learning, I could realize at first blush the big difference between traditionally delivered learning and e-learning. I had a chance at both modes, but the difference, I could realize, was patently hugeous. It is different when you communicate in cyberspace with your professors via course email at any time, in any place wheresoever on earth. Swiftly! Marvelously! Not ever tedious or boring! Not a query is asked but quickly will there be an explanation or a reply that indicates fleet interactivity between students and teachers or peers when feedback is accessibly available on the spot when assignments are submitted or evaluations are carried on. The medium provides access to tutorials and lectures that can be downloaded direct off the e-learning pages, ready for a multi-modal reception anywhere, anytime on the globe.
I should not shut my eyes off the success of the virtual classroom experience – so wonderful an experience!
All such advantages of e-learning made me identify the success of the e-learning experience in all scopes – this experience has really added to my success and to the success of KKU as an emerging e-learning university that any student should be proud of joining as an e-learner.I cannot help but calling upon all students to join our e-caravan towards a purposeful e-learning endeavour at KKU.
I would love to thank all those who provided this chance to myself. I also thank in anticipation all faculty, staff members and students at KKU for their effective roles in activating e-learning in KKU as a seminal learning endeavour on my way to learning.