Nader Al-Shahrani

- How did you make use of e-learning?
I learn quickly with e-learning in a new instructional medium compatible with the way young learners think nowadays.

- What chances did you get with e-learning?
I can participate in e-learning in audio and video formats with peers as with teachers; I expect that the system gives me instant feedback to my contributions so efficiently that I consider blended learning as a time and effort saving mode of e-learning when individuals can learn at home or anywhere else synchronously or asynchronously. In addition, students do have easy access to curricular material and course tutorials instantly on Blackboard which is more convenient than the traditional blackboard.

- What do you think the difference is between e-learning and traditional learning?
Clearly, in a nutshell, e-learning is more convenient and more lively and lovely; it panders to the whims of compu-philes – those maniacs about computers and the Internet. Incorporating learning, a rigorous human activity, with a source for entertainment for many youths today is a gorgeous idea appropriate to up to 90% of students in Saudi universities. Traditional learning, which we have brought up on in the past, has become tediously boring; we, as youths, need to keep pace with the latest developments in a way that is commensurate, too, with our Islamic Sharia and religion, our customs and mores, and I think that e-learning does not clash with these things.

-What are the challenges that you overcame when you started to e-learn?
Only one obstacle! Namely, I didn’t have a PC, but the university has made available e-learning labs for blended learning and other purposes of relevance, but I eventually got one for my own use.

-What role did you play to promote e-learning in KKU?
I sought to disseminate e-learning among my peers and colleagues.
What motivated you to support e-learning endeavours of KKU?
As earlier mentioned, e-learning is easy, fast and effective as well as efficient.

- How do you envision the future of e-learning in KKU?
With constant support, and tangible technical assistance on the part of the e-learning deanship, I anticipate that the endeavour will be a real success not only at the level of KKU, nut nationwide.