Mayy Hadaj AlReweili

- How was e-learning benefitable to you?
I use e-leaqrning extensively in my life; e-learning offered more opportunities for teacher-learner communication to the good of learning in the best way possible.

- What are the demerits and problems associated which e-learning systems have overcome in KKU?
E-learning has successfully dealt with many defects about traditional learning such as:
Insufficient time in classroom;
Students were unable to discuss and enquire freely in classroom due to problems of shyness or time constraints;
It fosters more activity on the part of students who initiate discussions and assignments that can be easily uploaded, solved and marked online;
Students can better communicate with one another and with course instructors at any time.

- What challenges did you overcome when you started e-learning in KKU?
The worst was that students did not like it at the very beginning; they thought it an intrusion on the traditional method of learning. Sometimes, the notion of e-learning is vague to some students, and at many times, there is no connectivity to the Internet at home or in college. Some students rejected it altogether at the inception, but over time, they started to appreciate it with the efforts of faculty who encourages us to use the medium for our efficient learning.

-What are the motives that made you support e-leaqrning in KKU?
I love new innovations in education, and I think that this medium is profiting for us if we apply it in the best fashion.

-How do you envision the future of e-learning in KKU?
By the help of Allah, it is going to be a promising future with the efforts exerted by students, faculty, and e-learning deanship when the system becomes integral to university education in KSA. I hope it will become more widely used and constantly developed.