4 research papers, 4 initiatives and 2 workshops will be presented by the University in ELI4

  • عمادة التعلم الالكتروني
    Wed - 04/03/2015

The 4th International Conference on e-learning and distance education, which has been sponsored by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud - may God preserve him - approved the participation of King Khalid University. The Dean of e-learning Dr. Abdullah Al-Walidi announced this, and further added that the participation of the university included a number of research papers and initiatives for presentation within the scientific program of the conference, in addition to training workshops. It is noteworthy that The Conference is taking place in Riyadh from 11 to 14 Jummada Alola, 1436 AH, corresponding to 2 - 5 March 2015 AD. The following is an illustration to the participation of King Khalid University:

4 research papers

During the sessions of the 4th International Conference on e-learning and Remote Education, King Khalid University will participate with four research papers. The first worksheet entitled "An overview of the open book examination via Blackboard under learning management system", will be presented by Dr. Khalid Al-Muhanna (Deanship of e-learning). The second worksheet will be presented by Mr. Muhammed Jar Allah Alhabbabi (Deanship of e-learning). It is entitled "Learning how to be educated electronically - online training for the development of e-learning skills to the students of King Khalid University". The third worksheet which will be presented by Prof. Ahmed Sadeq (College of Education) is entitled "The effectiveness of a proposed training program that is based on mobile learning to develop the skills of learning engagement, and to design digital learning modules".  Dr. ghada Alsherbini (College of Education for Girls in Abha) will present the last worksheet which is entitled "The activation of Education via the service of an e-learning system in Saudi universities."

4 initiatives of the University in the Conference

King Khalid University, represented by the Deanship of e-learning, the College of Education and the University Centre for the Study of the Girl students will present four Initiatives in the conference. The first initiative entitled "International Cooperative teaching at King Khalid University" will be presented by Dr. Abdullah Almohaya (College of Education) and Mr. Nasser Haddadi (Deanship of e-learning). The second initiative is under the title "The development of courses in general and open electronic courses in particular of King Khalid University", is to be presented by Mr. Abdullah Nasser Rosa (Deanship of e-learning). The third initiative will be presented by Dr. Hala Sameer (The University Centre for the Study of the Girl Students). It is entitled "Ideas and experiences in e-learning". The last is " MOOC initiative: Using Computer in Education - the first course with a massive enrollment in Arabic. " This will be presented by Dr. Mustafa Ibrahim (College of Education).


Within the conference axis "Innovative education for a promising future", and on the sidelines of the training workshops program, two training workshops of King Khalid University were approved for presentation. The first is "Design courses in e-learning systems and development" which will be persented by Dr. Muhammed Jar Allah Alhabbabi (Deanship of e-learning). The second workshop is to be presented by Mr. Ahmed Albarqi. It is entitled "Digital electronic publishing"