Steps of writing mathematical equations in Blackboard

Some need to write mathematical equations containing symbols which are not available on the keyboard. To write such symbols, Blackboard provides an advance equation editor called (WebEQ Equation Editor).

It is possible to use the equation editor with any word processor in Blackboard when answering an assignment or any other activity.

To add an equation:

1- Move the writing cruiser to the place you want to insert the equation in.
2- Click on the equation editor inside the circle as illustrated in the photo..



3-Write the equation by clicking on the symbols you need to use inside the equation editor window. .

4- The Most common used symbols such as +,-,= or letters such as X or Y can be entered directly from the keyboard. .

5- The rectangular sign in the data of the editor can be replaced with any symbol by moving the cruiser on it and typing the new symbol. .

6- After finishing writing the equation, click on the send button and the editor will insert the equation in the intend place in the text.

To edit an equation:
1- Choose the equation in the text by clicking on it.
2- Click on the equation editor button which will open a new window with the equation.
3- Edit the equation and click on send when you finish.


What are my students' usernames and passwords on Blackboard?

The user name is:
The students' academic number, i.e. 423999999.
Password is:
The student's civil number on his national ID card which contains ten digits.

If I forgot my password, it there a way I can retrieve it?

It is possible to do that. However, you need to consult the IT specialist at the Deanship of Admission.

I don't have a university e-mail account, what should I do?

It should be known that the university username and password you use to access your account are also used to access King Khalid University mail on the following link:

Where can I ask for help if faced with a problem or a query about the Blackboard?

1- Read the instructors manual on the E-learning website.
2- Visit e-learning specialist the university location at the Quraqer, building A entrance 8, third floor office number 88

The font on the blackboard website is small; how can change its size?

You can change the font size by apply the same steps used with each browser. You need to to follow these steps:
1- Press view in the internet explorer toolbar.
2- Go to font size
3- Choose large or larger than

How can I log off from blackboard?

Click on the ( log off ) button at the top of the web page.

Using Mozilla firefox

Using Mozilla firefox

Go to Tools at the top of the page

Open options


Open Advanced then Network then Setting

After that clicl on the third option and write the proxy and port and in the required box write *


how to use Internet Explorer

Go to Internet Explorer Browser

Click on Tools at the top of the page


Go to Internet Options

Open connections


Open LAN settings


Press the Proxy and port boxes

Open Advance

Write * at the required box

Press the OK Icon at the end

Download link :