Orientation Sessions for New Students at Girls' Colleges

E-Learning team at Girls's Colleges , conducted many training sessions for new students, showing them the importance and benefits of e-learning and how to use the tools of e-learning systems.

The sessions were fruitful & interactive, and at the end of the sessions special gifts from e-learning deanship distributed to number of students based on random selection.

The team members who coordinated and provided the sessions are (Ms. Areej Obead Ms. Maha Alqaisi).

Introductory Session for new Students at Mahala Academic Campus

Within its educational programs, Mahala Academic Campus represented by combined programs club and with cooperation witheLearning deanship, organized an introductory session on Blackboard.

The session took place in mahala campus main hall on Wendesday 19/02/2014.

The introductory course was in how to deal with Blackboard & E-Learning systems, presented by Mr. Mohammed Jarallah from eLearning deanship, and targeted new students of combined programs in order to introduce students to the mechanism of Blackboard education system and its benefits.

The session attended by many students and was fruitful and interactive.


A delegation from Prince Sultan University visited eLearning Deanship

On Wednesday12/02/2014, A delegation from Prince Sultan University visited eLearning Deanship at King Khalid University, in order to get acquainted with the services provided by the deanship for students. Mr. Ahmed Alasmari and Mohammed Aljarallah ''Training Manager'' Accompanied the delegation on its tour during their visit to the deanship departments.

Blackboard Collaborate, Web Conferencing Version 12.5

This guide provides information on the most widely used features of Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing – those features most essential to conducting a Blackboard Collaborate session.

For information on all the features, Please refer to the following links:

  • * Participant Orientation (recording
  • *  Getting Started for Participants (PDF
  • *  Essentials for Participants (HTML)
  • *  Participant's Guide (HTML)
  • *  Accessibility Guide (HTML | PDF)

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Learning for All

Success Story of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) at King Khalid University with more than 410 students (boys & girls) from several Arab countries included ( Egypt , Syria , Iraq , Jordan , Algeria ), in addition to the Gulf Countries successfully completed, with high satisfaction among the participants which clearly appear in the (MOOC) poll.

E-Learning Deanship is currently preparing to offer more courses of massive enrollment system which will serve the various segments of society .

E-Exam for more than 400 KKU students via iPad devices

More the 400 students completed their electronic exam for ''Islamic Culture Course'' using iPad devices provided by e-Learning Deanship rather than traditional pen and paper exams

The experience was great and students have shown their happiness as a result of the new testing methods applied at King Khalid University.

E-Learning Activities at the College of Science and H.Economics for Girls in Bishah

E-Learning Unit at the College of Science and Home Economics for Girls in Bishah, represented by e-unit supervisor, Ms. Fatima Alghamdi, with help of E-Learning Team at the college, conducted many training sessions on e-learning systems for new students and for e-learning labs' supervisors, between 20-11-1434 & 20-1-1435.

"Electronic Tests" Workshop for Faculty Members of College of Applied Medical Science

Within the activities of e-learning deanship training program, a workshop entitled "Electronic Tests" was held for faculty members of College of Applied Medical Science, on Tuesday10/12/2013.

The workshop presented by , Mr. Riyad Al-Sa'ab and was attended by a number of faculty members.


e-Learning Training Sessions Conducted at Al-Namas Campus for Boys

Under the patronage of  Dr. Ali Faiz Abu Hashim Al-Shehri, Dean of the Community College at Al Namas and Supervisor of the College of Science and Arts and Vice Dean Dr.  Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh, the unit of e-learning at Al-Namas Campus for Boys under the supervision of Dr. Rizwan Alam Thakur in coordination with the e-learning Training Unit conducted several training sessions on 2nd and 3rd of December 2013

The training sessions were carried in succession in Arabic and English languages. Mr. Mohammed Jarallah and Mr. Mohamed Qatrawi were deputed by e-learning deanship to Al-Namas campus for this purpose. They trained more than 120 students of Bachelors and Diploma Courses and also trained 49 faculty members of different departments. The e-learning study material was also distributed to all the participants.

The e-Learning setup received lot of appraisals and congratulations from both faculty as well as students for carrying the practical oriented e-Learning training sessions. Senior faculty members of the campus at Al-Namas were trained for advance level as well.

At the end of the training session, the students participated in a quiz with lot of enthusiasm and the two students won the prizes and were given iPads on the spot. The session concluded with a vote of thanks and special thanks were presented to e-learning Deanship for their kind support and guidance in all essence.