E-learning achievements at the Colleges of Arts and Education for Girls in Abha

E-Learning unit at the Colleges of Arts and Education for Girls in Abha achieved 96% of the action plan for the colleges related to the academic year 1433 - 1434 , which involved many of the standards and achievements such as:

* Determining the vision, mission and goals for the e-learning unit as part of an overall quality plan for the colleges.

* Promoting a culture of e-learning and enable all members of the colleges and develop their skills through many orientation and training sessions held throughout the year.

* Production of high quality electronic courses based on QM standards.

* Establishing the first electronic content library.

* Enhancing the potential of faculty members and students in the use of learning systems via continued support.

* Successfully completed 542 electronic tests during the last academic year.



More than 163 eCourses approved to be taught electronically in summer semester

In order for King Khalid University to convey its message in applying e-elearning in its ideal way to support the students and benefit them, more than 163 eCourses approved to be taught electronically in summer semester 1433 - 1434 A.H.

The eCourses approval process based on electronic methodology which requires colleges and e-learning deanship acceptance.


Survey : E-Learning (Disadvantages and Advantages)

University weekly newspaper (AFAQ) in its issue No. 82 on 1 June 2013 , published a survey about E-Learning (Disadvantages and Advantages) prepared by Ms. Iman Asiri and Ms. Hanadi Al Musaid.

   * To access the survey, please click here.



E-learning Performance at College of Education for Girls in Belgarn

Dr. Amani Hamed, the e-learning unit supervisor at College of Education for girls in Balqarn, prepared a final report for the most important activities and achievements of the Unit for the academic year 1433 - 1434 AH which included the following:

Unity Facilities:

   * E-learning lab with 22 computers , in addition to projector & display screen.

   * A special equiped office of e-learning unit.

Main Activities:

   1 - Spread the culture of e-learning between faculty members and students at the college.

   2 - Special e-learning pages on the social networks were created.

   3 - Formal email for e-learning unit to provide support through it, was created.

   4 - Number of introductory meetings for faculty members and students were held.

   5 - Training sessions on many subjects and levels for faculty members and students were provided.

   6 - An electronic test was conducted for the first time at the college level.

   7 - Provided full support for faculty members.

   8 - Many training courses using virtual classrooms were held.

   9 - Provided special training courses for students.

   10 - The Supervisor evaluated the e-courses for the second semester.

   11 - Achieved to get high rate of activation of electronic courses which reached 88.7%

   12 - Prepared a detailed report for each department about e-courses activation ratio.

   13 - Held a final meeting shows the unit achievements and future aspirations.


E-Learning Unit Activities at College of Science and Arts for Girls in Namas

The eLearning unit at College of Science and Arts for Girls in Namas represented by Dr. Eman Hilmi - e-Unit supervisor - conducted a number of special e-learning activities had been conducted at the college, some of these activities were:

    1 - Introductory session was held for new faculty members joined the college.

    2 - Reviewing e-courses individually to determine the e-learning activation ratio and send detailed report to the dean.

    3 - Assisting faculty members in uploading their courses and how to export and import an e-course.

    4 - Training session for students on how to solve the e-assignments and how to access the virtual classrooms.

    5 - Providing technical support to faculty members in how to create assignments in more than one way.

    6 - Helping faculty members on how to print the main pages of the e-courses in more ways.

    7 - Training session for faculty members on how to use virtual classrooms.

    8 - Providing training course for faculty members on electronic tests and how to create them.

    9 - E-Learning Lab was used to hold public lectures for faculty members with regard to quality and development projects in the college.

    10 - Following-up e-learning activities and organizing many of the electronic tests.




E-learning Unit at College of Science and Arts in Balqarn (Annual Report)

E-learning is an efficient method of education using the Internet. With eLearning you can make courses available for students to study any time and from anywhere, in addition to interacting with them in an easy and effective way. Apparently, elearning became a requirement for the foreseen educational process not only to cope with fast occurring developments in educational institutions all over the world, but also for its real impact on enhancing education and educational outcomes.E-Learning Program at College of Science and Arts,Balqarn offered by E-Learning Deanship at King Khalid University is one of the greatest achievements in the academic year 1433-1434 H

Activities done by Elearning Unit :

  • 1- The Dean of the College had a meeting with the faculty members and exchanged his views to promote e-Learning in the campus. He emphasize for  spreading the culture of e learning  inside the campus .He also discussed the problems like availability of a dedicated e-Learning Lab in the College, training session for students and refreshing courses for faculty members.
  • 2- The e-Learning supervisor emphasizes the use e-learning to provide an environment of high quality academic education. He also shares his idea about “how to make e learning more pleasurable for student”.
  • 3- The eLearning Unit at College of Science and Arts,Balqarn Campus conducted training  session workshops  for faculty members and students , from 28/1/2012 to 15/2/2012 .
  • 4- The eLearning Unit at College of Science and Arts,Balqarn Campus conducted training  session workshops  for newly admitted students.
  • 5- E-Learning Unit of e-learning at college conducted e-exams for number of courses using ipads and desktops. The faculty members have conducted e exams for 100 students (approx).
  • 6- Mr. Omar Abdelmouti , Head of Department,Computer Science  develop  new approach to enhance  leaning practices through Tegrity Classes with Smart Board(interactive white board) .
  • 7- The college is offered course through different level  of elearning.In year 1433-1434 H college offered 12 blended course and 1 full supportive course.
  • 8- Most of the courses has adopted elearning at supportive level in college. Courses are facilitated through the LMS providing students with materials, assignments, and collaboration tools like discussion boards.
  • 9- The unit Distributed of certificate to active e-learning faculty. 
  • 10- The unit received 32 ipads with different office materials (tv,printer,fax). 
  • 11- The unit with the help of registrar has registered different department courses to e-learning.
  • 12- We have increased effectively participation of teaching staff to use Blackboard tools to add resources for students to access online. 
  • 13- The unit always in touch with e-learning specialist and providing campus information.

Strategic plans for year 1434-1435 : 

  • 1- Fortnightly workshop will be conducted for teachers to exchange knowledge and experience of e-Learning with the support of e learning specialist. 
  • 2- Workshop will be conducted for student to accessing online resource.
  • 3- Training will be conducted for handling ipads based activity by e learning specialist.
  • 4- Every faculty member should be given a desktop/laptop with Internet connection.
  • 5- E-learning lab should be accessible to the students during college hours.
  • 6- Online class test should be conducted in each course as it saves resources and time.
  • 7- All faculties should register for KKU-EC course to design better online courses and training.
  • 8- Online class test should be conducted in each course as it saves resources and time.


eCourses development project and electronic library of developed courses

With full support of the Rector Prof. Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Dawod, E-Learning Deanship started new project to develop electronic courses and integrate them within a digital electronic library to include electronic courses developed to help faculty members to take advantage of the content in the educational process.

The courses developed with high quality based on international quality standards (QM) and all are compatible with the study plan followed in sections and colleges.

Developing process takes one semester and with professional specialized team.

We have developed approximately 13 courses, including 5 master courses and by the end of this semester, God willing, will complete the development of approximately 24 courses.

eCourses Development Team at E-Learning Deanship


Electronically developed course is the best option at the level of courses in general.


Provide a developed course with high-quality consistent with the needs and demand of the community both inside and outside the university.


1 - Solving the problems of building full online course, which requires more time and effort.

2 - Designing a unique electronic course in terms of content and electronic lectures to serve the faculty member and student alike.

3 - Sharing content inside and outside the university through the public channels available.

  - Attached file contains a full list of developed courses :

Courses List.docx76.8 KB

Achievements of E-Learning Unit at Girls' Community College in Abha

Attached file contains the deatailed achievment report for Girls' Community College in Abha which prepaired by the E-Unit Supervisor Ms. Iman Al-Qahtani.

Report.docx130.5 KB

Measuring the Impact and ROI of eLearning at King Khalid University

The attached study describes the impact of and return on investment in the King Khalid University eLearnin program, which prepaired by ''ROI Institute'' The leading resource on research, training, and networking for practitioners of the Phillips ROI Methodology™.


00_KKU e-learning Case study RR (3).pdf1.4 MB

Ms. Hajar from E-learning Deanship received KKU Best Employee Award

Ms. Hajar Al-Obeidi from E-lraning Deanship got King Khalid University Award for the Best Employee (the second) of the year 1434 AH, for her outstanding performance.

Ms. Hajar received the award at the graduation ceremony for girls students of King Khalid University, which was sponsored by Her Royal Highness Princess Albandari Al-Faisal.

On this occasion, E-learning Deanship congratulates Ms. Hajar and wish her all the best.