Workshops, Training Sessions and e-Exams at Balqarn Girls' College

Under the patronage and guidance of Dean of the College of Education for Girls in Balqarn, Dr. Aliya Al-Qarni, and follow-up of e-Unit supervisor  Dr. Amani Hamed, the following activities successfully completed:

1 - Introductory session for faculty members, explained the meaning and benefits of e-learning, levels of e-learning at King Khalid University and how to reach their courses, and how to use the Blackboard system.

2 - Training session for college students which provided brief explanations of e-learning programs, e-learning lab and technical support.

3 - Training was held for faculty members - beginner level - in e-learning lab, for 29 members on how to use the key tools in Blackboard.

4 - Training was held for faculty members - advanced level - in e-learning lab, for 16 members , on how to use virtual classrooms and electronic tests.

5 - An electronic test  for students of the Department of Economics has been a successful held, the students had expressed their happiness with this type of tests.


E-Learning at Boys' Community College in Khamis Mushayt

Basic information about the College :


Boys' Community College 


Mahala Campus 

No. of Departments


No. of Faculty Members

No. of Courses 115 
No. of Blended Courses



Many E-Exams 

No. of Trained Faculty Members 40  
No. of Active Members - Supportive 30  
No. of Active Members - Blended


No. of E-Learning Labs    

E-Learning Lab + Ipad Mobile Lab


Activities acheived by the E-Learning Unit :

The unit represented by Dr. Mohammed Shuaibi, eUnit Supervisor, at the beginning of the academic year 1433-1434 developed an action plan for the year and objectives were as follows:

1. Spread the culture of e-learning at the college.

2. Improve the skills of faculty members in the use of a learning management system.

3. Develop students' skills in the use of a learning management system.

4. Increase the percentage of E-Learning courses in college.

5. Achieving quality standards in the E-Learning.


During the 1st semester and still going on, the eLearning Unit has been implementing a number of activities to achieve those goals, such as:

1- Workshops for Faculty Members on Blackboard System.

2- Workshops for Faculty Members on E-Exams.

3- Training sessions for Faculty Members on QM standards.

4- Seminars and Introductory sessions for Students.

5- Disseminate successful experiences.

6- Distribution of leaflets and printed brochures.

7- Provide assistance and support, advice and guidance to faculty members and students.

8- Many meetings with faculty members urging them to follow Deanship of E-Learning WebSite.

9- Form e-learning groups among students in college.

10- Conversion of all courses at the college to supportive and blended levels of E-Learning.

Felicitation Ceremony for eLearning Awards Winners at College of Languages

Under the patronage of Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi, Dean of the Faculty of Languages & Translation , the eLearning Unit organized a felicitation ceremony for eLearning Award winners- Mr. Farooq Haji and Mr. Aziz Salfi.

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Yahya Asiri, Vice Dean for Development & Quality, Dr. Ahmed Ismail, Vice Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Hamad Aldosari, Chairman of English Department, Mr. Abdullah Al-Rezgi, Director of English Language Center.

Mr. Farooq Haji's eLearning course has been awarded as Second Best Online Course in the category of Saudi Universities and  Mr. Aziz Salfi's course has been awarded as the Third Best Online Course in the use of modern technology.

Mr. Farooq Haji and Mr. Aziz Salfi gave a detailed description of their courses and discussed the techniques that were used in the course design.

Congratulating the winners, Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi, Dean of the Faculty of Languages & Translation, said: "This is one of the great achievements of our Faculty members. It encourages and motivates all the teaching community in the University to actively participate in the eLearning courses."

At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi, Dean of the Faculty of Languages & Translation gave the certificates of appreciation to Award Winners (Mr. Farooq Haji and Mr. Aziz Salfi) and the staff members of eLearning Deanship.

Mr. Mohsin Raza Khan, Supervisor of the eLearning Unit at the Faculty of Languages & Translation compered the function.

Dr. Khalid Mohanna, eLearning Team Manager, Mr. Ahmed Al Shaflut, eLearning specialist, Dr. Mohammad Asif Ishfaq, Mr. Nasir Haddadi, Mr. Abdullah Al-Zubyan, Mr. Sultan, and Mr. Javed Ahmed provided all holistic supports to make the ceremony a success.


Special E-Learning Meeting at Al-Samir Girls' Campus

The E-Learning Unit at Al-Samir Center, organized and conducted an e-learning meeting for faculty members at the center.

The meeting included showing the best experiences and practices in e-learning and a review of  e-learning deanship participation in the Excellence Awards presented by the Ministry of Higher Education represented by the National Center for e-Learning and Distance Learning, in which we got 7 awards including first-place prize in the designing of digital content which obtained by Dr. Hala Samir from Al-Samir Centre, Dr. Hala reviewed the winner course and the most important criteria and features that characterized the e-course.

After that there were general discussions about e-courses types - supportive, blended - levels and how to built and activate.

At the end of the meeting, some members were honored for activating e-courses as well as e-learning training and support teams at the center and e-learning coordinators in the departments.



Visit of delegation from e Learning deanship to College of Arts and Sciences - Tanuma

Responding to an invitation from Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in Tanuma, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Faqih, a delegation from the Deanship of eLearning visited the College, the delegation included, Dr. Khaled Al-Muhanna, Mr. Abdullah Zubain and Mr. Ahmed Al-Shaflout.

The visit included a number of training workshops and introductory sessions for students and faculty members, Mr. Abdullah reviewed the importance of e-learning and being a global trend, and then Mr. Abdullah explained e-learning systems and how to use tools and how to apply quality standards in the designing of eCourses.

Mr. Ahmed Al-Shaflout presented one of the courses which won the Excellence Award for faculty members , and discussed with them the best practices for online courses.

Then, Dr. Khaled Al-Muhanna discussed with students the successful models and experiences of students and answered their questions, also he reviewed the WebSite of eLearning Deanship and the overall services provided by.

Finally, Dean of the College of Science and Arts, appreciated the visit and honored the delegation members.



Special Section for eLearning in Girls' College of Arts

Under the guidance of  dean of the Colleges of Arts and Education, Dr. Shunayfaa Al-Qarni, the unit of e-learning  in collaboration with Ms. Elham Gharamah, prepared special corner for e-learning, which was attended by most of faculty members and college students.

Event began with Ms. Rima Asiri , welcoming attendees and then facts, stats and figures provided by Ms. Amal Alnahari - director of e-learning team.

Followed by a presenting the history of the Deanship of e-learning , by Ms. Elham Gharamah, then review the achievements of the faculty members,  provided by Ms. Rehab Hussein Shahrani.

There was also a program titled "Despite busy" presented by Ms. Rima Ahmed Asiri in which nearly 50 members talked about their experiences and achievements in e-learning.

At the end of the meeting, dean praised the efforts of everyone, most especially the team of e-learning.


Prince Faisal bin Khalid "I am so proud of you, congratulating myself and the university on your existence in its educational board.''

His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz, Asir region Governor, praised King Khalid University for the achievements done and awards captured recently. He added that all this couldn't be achieved without the Almighty Allah then thanks to those who are responsible at the university and still participating obviously in improving the educational process looking forward to excellence horizons.

Prince Faisal welcomed in his office at the Principality this morning the president of King Khalid University, Dr.Abdulrahman Aldaoud and the e-Learning Dean at the university, Dr.Abdullah Mohamed Alwalidi in addition to some of the university employees who saluted his Highness and informed him of the recent achievements made by the university.

His Highness said," I am so proud of you, congratulating myself and the university on your existence in its educational board. No one can deny your great efforts which of course will lead to a leading university amongst the Saudi universities.

His Highness explained that the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz is cherishing Higher Education in the Kingdom the thing that enables this field to flourish and improve. King Abdullah believes that nations couldn't rise up without a kind of educational progress.

In the beginning, Dr.Aldaoud presented his appreciation to Asir region Governor for his great and continuous care of the university the thing that enables the university to be a leading, renewable one. He added that the Kingdom is witnessing a great Educational renaissance at all stages under the leadership of the two Holy Mosques Custodian, King Abdulla bin Abdul Aziz - may Allah protect him.

Aldaoud added, "Your Highness awareness and support has a great effort in the university sons which promoted them to compete to be the best". 



Excellence Award for e-learning in Higher Education 2013 :

The excellence award in university e-learning stands for the discovery of creativity sources in the usage of education and information technologies in the universities. 

  • Award Branch for Universities :


  • Award Branch for Individuals :


Award of Exellence e-Course 2009

Many Arabian Gulf States have started to offer e-learning centers at universities and secondary schools to facilitate accessibility to learning and to utilize technology effectively. Hence, the idea to launch an award of excellence in offering and designing e-courses came up to achieve academic excellence and the following objectives:

  • Create an environment of competition to design e-courses
  • Disseminate awareness of e-culture
  • To enhance all efforts to integrate technology in designing academic courses
  • To encourage all individuals involved in e-learning to be creative and innovative
  • To create an environment of cooperation among all participants
  • To develop evaluative skills to achieve quality and excellence in elearning

The Award was proposed to the Sixth Meeting for e-Learning Officials at the Universities of the GCC States in order to achieve these goals.

King Khalid University was the only Saudi university to receive two awards in this competition . These awards come as a result to the university's effort in developing the facilities skills to adjust to the latest techniques and knowledge and to achieve the quality standards in education to simplify the existing digital age today .






A Remarkable Achievement for KKU in the E-Learning field

King Khalid University has reaped seven awards out of fifteen in the e-learning field at the University-Level in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

University-Level Prizes:

Branch  Prize 
E-Learning Systems Activation  First Prize 
Quality Programs First Prize 
Courses Design  Second Prize

Personal-Level Prizes:

Winner Branch  Prize
Dr. Hala Sameer E-Course Design First Prize
Mr. Abdulhafeez Yunus E-Course Design Second Prize
Dr. Ghadah Alshirbeeni E-Course Design Third Prize
Dr. Aziz Alsalafi Quality Programs Third Prize


The Third International Conference for e-learning and Distance Learning

As e-learning is increasingly being embraced and implemented in Higher Education, it is important to explore and measure whether it is empowering, engaging and performance driven. Over the last decade, many e-learning projects have been initiated and many impactful research papers have been published.

The next step is to make sense of the past, the present and the future e-learning research initiatives to strategize and implement e-learning that is engaging and performance driven. The Ministry of Higher Education Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the National Centre for e-Learning and Distance Education are taking leadership roles in transforming e-learning into engaging performance driven learning experiences, by organizing the Third International Conference of e-Learning and Distance Education (eLi13) This conference will bring together educators, trainers, researchers, practitioners, futurists, policy makers, and users to discuss and propose how this transformation can be empowered.


e-Learing: From Practice to Performance.


Utilizing e-Learning to achieve desired performance.


To transform e-learning into engaging performance driven learning experiences.


1. Present recent scientific research in the field of e-Learning and its impact on performance.
2. Promote e-learning that inspires engagement and professional performance.
3. Explore pedagogical learning models to transfer e-learning to practical contexts.
4. Highlight the importance of cultural and ethical frameworks for e-learning applications and practices.
5. Shed light on the role of e-learning environments to stimulate participation and professional performance.
6. Showcase successful e-learning experiences designed to improve learning and ensure quality.