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KKU Award for E-learning

The Award for the Second Phase         (New Criteria) 

The Name of the Award :

King Khalid University Award for e-Learning

The Objectives of the Award :

To contribute to the achievement of King Khalid University objectives on e-learning

First for Colleges and Academic Departments:
The prizes are awarded to the distinguished colleges for encouraging, supporting and activating e-learning in all their educational activities.

Second: Awards for Faculty Members:
The prizes are awarded to the faculty member for their academic excellence in accordance with the following criteria:

Creativity and Innovation Manipulating e-learning in innovative ways to provide innovative solutions for the development of the educational process at the University 20 Points
Strategies Using student centered e-learning strategies through various activities that provide opportunities for collaborative learning skills and creative & analytical thinking using modern learning strategies such as projects, problem solving techniques, etc. 20 Points
E-courses Design E-courses design according to the standards of King Khalid University for the quality assurance of online-courses. 20 Points
Interactions Student-to-student interactions, student-to-instructor interactions, and student-to-content interactions.. 20 Points
Outcomes Utilizing e-learning to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the educational process and raise the level of satisfaction among students. 20 Points

1. The First Prize of  (S.R. 10.000) is for those faculty members who achieve 90-100 points.

2. The Second Prize of  (S.R. 7.500) is for those faculty members who achieve 80-89 points.

3. The Third Prize of  (S.R. 5.000) is for those faculty members who achieve 70-79 points.

Third: Awards for Students:
 Student awards are in the areas of achieving and developing portfolios that contain projects and ideas of their own related to their courses. Students are nominated based on their positive interaction with their classmates, course contents and instructors.

The value of the student prizes is Five Thousand Saudi Riyals (S.R. 5,000) for each winner

 Nomination Steps :
The candidate can nominate himself/herself by filling out the award nomination form on the Internet, or he/she might be nominated by others. The form should contain detailed candidate information and also include a simple explanation of each item of the award explaining why the candidate is entitled to receive an award.

After filling the form, Please send it to this e-mail: k.zahrani@ekku.edu.sa