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Graduation project discussions through the Elluminate

  • عمادة التعلم الالكتروني
    Sun - 05/12/2010

It had successfully taken place on the 1/12/2010 - 24/12/1431 , the midterm discussions of the graduation projects for the female students of the computer science department . The discussions were done through the Elluminate classes in which 16 groups of a total of 66 students discussed and analyzed their graduation projects successfully . The discussion took a simple flexible path that allowed both sides of the discussion to express and interact with each other. This experience was praised by the computer department faculties in both the Samar and Grager branches .Where as this experience contributed in save time and providing a flexible environment , it was also a first time experience to take place in the college of computer science and the university as a whole .


A leap towards advancement in

A leap towards advancement in achievements through technological grounds(BB).

Mash Allah very nice ..

Mash Allah very nice ..