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One-Week ''eLearning Awareness Campaign'' at College of Languages

  • عمادة التعلم الالكتروني
    Mon - 11/03/2013

Under the patronage of Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi, Dean of the College of Languages & Translation, the eLearning Unit at the College organized a one-week “eLearning Awareness Campaign”, which took place from Saturday, March 2, 2013 to Wednesday, March 6, 2013.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi, Dean of the College of Languages & Translation, accompanied with the team of the College eLearning Unit and visited the students in their respective classrooms. Dr. Al-Melhi motivated the students to use the eLearning system i.e. Blackboard and pointed out the importance of the eLearning system in today's world.  Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi said that the use of the Blackboard equips the students to face the future educational challenges in higher studies.

Mr. Mohsin Raza Khan, the eLearning Unit Supervisor, said: “The aim of the campaign was to make students, as well as teachers, of the College aware of the necessity and effective use of the King Khalid University eLearning system.” Mr. Khan told: "To achieve the purpose of the campaign, the College eLearning team organized and conducted various activities. The eLearning team visited classrooms for student training. Students were approached on a one-on-one basis. iPads were used for student training".

Dr. Mohammad Asif Ishfaq and Mr. Jawed Ahmed, organizers of the Campaign, said: “During the campaign, our main target was students. The eLearning team visited students in their classrooms and gave them training on the effective use of Blackboard.”

Mr. Rizwan Ghani prepared a student's eLearning Help Guide, which was distributed among students during the one-week campaign. The eLearning help desks were strategically placed in different corners of the College for enhancing the eLearning awareness.

Mr. Ahmed J. Al-Shaflut, eLearning Specialist of the College, Dr. Khaled Mohanna, the eLearning Team Manager, Mr. Nasir Al-Khatany, Mr. Salahuddin Abdurab, Mr. Kamaluddin and Mr. Fazle Malik provided holistic support to make the campaign a success.