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Training program on eCourses Design at College of Education

  • عمادة التعلم الالكتروني
    Thu - 18/04/2013

Under the guidance of the Dean of College of Education, Dr. Mohammed Hassan Saeed Safran, and within e-learning activities at the college, 5-Day Training Program on eCourses Design & Production had been held, with the rate of (20) hours of training over five workshops for students of - General Diploma in Education.

The training program opened by Dr. Abdullah Saad Al-Amri, Dean of Graduate Studies, and workshops held in the labs of e-learning deanship at the university.

The workshops presented by:

       1 - Prof. Hamza Abdel Hakim Rayashi

       2 - Dr. Abdullah Saad Al Amri

       3 - Dr. Ali Alsagheer Abdel-Aal

       4 - Dr. Ahmed Sadiq Abdul Majeed

       5 - Dr. Mustafa Mohamed Ibrahim

On the closing day of the program, all participants , thank and appreciate the help and support of the Rector and the Deanship of e-learning.



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