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Students' Training workshops in Blackboard

  • عمادة التعلم الالكتروني
    Thu - 08/04/2010

The E-learning Deanship is pleased to announce the launch of a training workshop on the use of the e-learning system Blackboard. This comes with the deanship's effort in the effective development of the e-learning systems and activating the role played by the students.  

 The workshop will be continuously held on weekly basses throughout the current term.
Training will cover the following

Introduction on E-learning
How to access the e-learning system
Browsing the modules and accessing certain course and their contents
Assignment Submission
How to participate in forums
Browsing through assignments
Browsing through course Mail
How to use e-mail

Time and Avenue:
Saturdays and Tuesdays
1 – 2 P.M.
Building A , Entrance 3, Second floor, Lab. 86A
If you wish to attend any of these workshops, please visit the following link:
or contact us on :
tel. 2418311-2418310
e-mail: elctraining@ekku.edu.sa