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"e-Learning Orientation Session for Freshers" conducted at Al-Namas Campus for Boys

  • عمادة التعلم الالكتروني
    Sun - 19/10/2014

The unit of e-learning at Al-Namas Campus for Boys under the patronage of hon’ble Dr. Ali Faiz Abu Hashim Al-Shehri, Dean of the Community College and Supervisor of the College of Science and Arts at Al Namas Campus conducted an orientation session for freshers on September 17, 2014. The orientation session was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Rizwan Alam Thakur (Ex-Head of Department Information Systems).

Hon’ble Dr. Ali Faiz Abu Hashim Al-Shehri took personal interest in monitoring the orientation session for students and himself accompanied students to e-Learning facility along with other faculty members. The Dean of the college was also accompanied by Vice Dean of the college hon’ble Dr. Abdullah Mansoor. They were pleased to receive students with lot of enthusiasm and zeal.

In the welcome address, Dr. Rizwan Alam Thakur talked about the general rules and guidelines for students. While Dr. Rizwan delivered  lecture in english language, it was simultaneously translated by Dr. El Sayed Gad Ragheb (Professor and Head of the Department of Business Administration) into arabic language and communicated to the student audience. Dr. Adel Mohamed Habib Abouelmaati Ghonim (Professor of Management) and Dr. Ammar Anas (Ex-Head of the Department of English) helped the e-Learning unit in the conduct of this orientation session. The e-Learning pamphlets and brochure were also provided to all the participants for reference. A vote of thanks was presented to all for their support and special thanks were presented to e-learning Deanship for their kind support and guidance.