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Two-Day E-Learning Workshops for Students at Community College for Girls, Shamasan

  • عمادة التعلم الالكتروني
    Tue - 09/12/2014

Under the patronage of Dr. Munirah Abuhammmah, Dean of the Community College for Girls, Shamasan, and full support of Dr. Samia Mustafa Abed Elateef, Vice Dean of the College and Ms. Iman Alqahtany, Supervisor of the eLearning, the eLearning Unit at English Department organized two-day eLearning workshops for students of the College. 

Ms. Fozia Zulfiquar, Coordinator of the e-Learning Unit at English Department, conducted the two-day eLearning workshops and presented a detailed presentation titled “An introduction to the e-Learning from Student’s Point of View”. She pointed out the importance of the e-Learning in today’s world. She introduced the students to the basic tools and the system of the Blackboard in practical way. Ms. Fozia gave training to the students on the effective use of the Blackboard tools such as Announcement, Course Description, Lecturer, Assignment, e-test, Discussion board, Wikis and Course Message. 

Ms. May Elzein, Coordinator of English Department, and Ms. Nida Al-Melhi extended their full cooperation to the two-day eLearning workshops and helped the students by translating the presentation into Arabic.

Ms. Qamar, Ms. Shabnam Khan, Ms. Sheila Sultan, Ms. Ikram, Ms. Iffat Jahan, Ms. Tahmina Begum, Ms. Ishrat Jahan, Ms. Siraj Munira, Ms. Julia and Ms. Nawal provided holistic supports to make the workshops a success.