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Register Now! Training Sessions on e-Learning systems, e-Teaching and Quality Assurance.

  • عمادة التعلم الالكتروني
    Sat - 05/03/2011

A step ahead, the e-Learning Deanship has planned to conduct a training program to improve the skills of the faculty members of King Khalid University in the second semester of this academic year 1431/1432 H. This program aims to enable the faculty members to make use of various e-learning systems and their applications. It also aims at developing e-teaching skills that will enhance the faculty members’ teaching methods/styles.

The participants will be acquainted with different learning styles which lead to better learning outcomes.
The program includes three categories:

First category: Training sessions on e-Learning Systems and Quality Assurance ( for Males).
Second category: Training sessions on e-Learning Systems and Quality Assurance( for Females).
Third category: e-Teaching Skills ( common for both Males and Females).


To register!
Please click on the category, you want to join, to see the schedule of the training sessions and to fill in the registration form.


The e-Learning Deanship is very much concerned to provide a distinct training. To take the best advantage of it, we would like to confirm that the purpose of conducting such training sessions is to turn them into practice in your teaching and achieve the ultimate goal of these sessions. Therefore, we would like to pay your attention to the following registration terms and conditions for these training sessions:

1. The participant must be a teaching staff member of King Khalid University.

2. The participant has to observe the commencement of the sessions, as your attendance must be 100%.

3. If the participant is unable to attend the session, please let us know, at least one day, before the beginning of the session, via communication means mentioned below.

4. If the participant does not attend the session without informing us in advance, his registration of the coming sessions would be cancelled.

5. A certificate would be awarded to the participants on the basis of activating and applying what they learn. This will be assessed and evaluated through Blackboard system management.

6. It is expected from all participants to impart what they benefit from these sessions to their college/department colleagues as much as they can.

7. All the online training sessions will be held through the virtual classroom system, i.e. Elluminate. So, Java must be installed in your computer system. Please make sure of registering your active mail correctly as the log in information to training sessions will be sent to your mail.