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    Sun - 01/01/2012


In the field of open education one of the latest trends is that of open courses, called MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). MOOC is a course where the participants are distributed and course materials also are dispersed across the web.
Massive open online courses is a chance for all those hungry for knowledge and looking to learn and make use of other people’s experiences. MOOC is free for all who are interested in increasing their knowledge in specific fields. It was initiated as an opportunity for free knowledge, opinions and thoughts to be exchanged in an open wide environment. Participants do not have to be a member of the institution which hosts the MOOC.

As a desire to reach the best standards in education, KKU has initiated the KKU MOOC for all those who are seeking knowledge to learn from the best professors, teachers and doctors in KKU. Believing that knowledge is the right and everyone is worthy of it, KKU has opened a gate for you to learn from the best and most experienced faculties.   

How it works?
This poroject is using moodle as the main platform for delivering courses. Moodle is one of the main powerful learning management systems that enhance interaction between student - student, student - content, student - instructor.
Our vision in this initiative is to design courses that help people to develop themselves and increase learning, and to achieve this we focused during courses designing process to provide meaningful activities that  help learner achieves the maximum benefit from the course contents .
So, we design our courses to be the place in which learners can meet and interact to build their new knowledge under the support of KKU’s instructors.

Any MOOC course is typically the same of any online course, however it is open and free, so it will connect a lot of learners from different countries who have various knowledge and cultures and have a highly intention to learn one subject matter. Each MOOC course is scheduled in weeks. Each week you will find the following:
1- Content (reading, audio, videos)
2- Activities (discussion, essay, assignments, etc... )
3- Assessments ( exams , assignments, etc...)

As  an online learner, your role should be changed to be active learner rather than being passive learner. so the more you contribute and being active the more you get from this courses.

How to register?
To be one of our learners you have to fill this webform, we need to regester you in our moodle, and to follow up with you. Register now by Click here
( Note: we will ensure your privacy and confidentiality)

What are the available courses?
1- English Grammer ( start on 21th of Jan)  : This online English grammar course is mainly about verb tenses. Tense in the English language is very important. A tense is a grammatical category that locates a situation in time, to indicate when the situation takes place. As you know words convey actions and when you describe an action, you have to convey when the action happened. Tenses help us know whether an event or a state has already happened in the past, is happening in the present or is it yet to happen in the future. Some typical tenses are present, past, and future. Tense can make finer distinctions than simple past-present-future. Past tenses for example can cover general past, immediate past, or distant past, with the only difference between them being the distance on the timeline between the temporal reference points. The structure and use of each verb tense is discussed with links to online ESL websites and videos which go into more detail about each tense. English nouns and pronouns and some basic sentence patterns will be discussed first in order to serve as an introductory section to this course. This course is designed as an introduction for beginners and those wishing to revise  the tense system.

2- Brest Cancer ( start on 18th of Feb ): The breast cancer health awareness course is simply a health educational course that targets the public to spread the awareness of breast diseases and how to discover them in their  early stages. It also  teaches self examination and  how to examine others.

For more information contact us at : Mooc@ekku.edu.sa



It's really

It's really interesting@educational this training program about breast cancer so that all women,mostly women will be aware and have knowledge@idea what to do and to be able to seek immediate medical attention!

MOOC is a great idea

MOOC is a great idea deliberated on the deanship of e-learning for those aspiring youths willing to quench their thirst for knowledge. Earlier, those willing to quench their thirst are supposed to go to the well. Today, thanks to the missionary concern of the deanship of e-learning, the well has come up to their doors. It seems unbelievable, but true. I salute his commitment, his dedication, his spirit and his missionary zeal for the community.

Mohammed Shahid Kamal , PhD
Khamis Community College, Mahala campus

thanks thats very kind for

thats very kind for you