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Help programs

Program Description of the program Size of the program Download link
Internet explorer A special program to open website page  

Adobe Reader A special program to read text files and books of the type of PDF 26.11 MB  
Adobe Flash Player Program files for Flash Player 1.86 MB  
Java A copy of the Java enables your computer to run applications and applications that use Java technology 15.9 MB  
QuickTime A great program for playing music and video of all kinds    
RealPlayer Program to run video and audio files    
Shockwave Displays Web content that is created by the program such as Adobe Flash 4.18 MB  
Windows Media Player Audio and Video Player    
FireFox Web Browser Firefox speed and ease, flexibility and protection in the Firefox browser there is not yet comparable to any other browser Firefox in terms of security and protection 11.99 MB  
Microsoft Word Viewer For the review of Word files    
Microsoft Excel Viewer To review the files, spreadsheets  
Microsoft Power Point Viewer To review the PowerPoint files    
Microsoft Visio Viewer To review the PowerPoint files