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Electronic innovation is not the outcome of a mere coincidence. It is an inevitable outcome of adhering to scientific principles and set standards. One of the important elements of these standards and rules is the ability to share knowledge and have unrestricted access to information. The concept of learning has changed within the last few years. Reliance on information technology and communications has turned to be an important cornerstone from which the modern concept of e-learning is launched. The Information and Telecommunications (ICT) revolution has become an integral part to managing change in a dramatic way in the organization.
It has become possible, via e-learning, to conduct one of the fundamental bases of learning, which is examination. E-learning enables the teacher to conduct online exams for the course s/he is teaching on Blackboard. The teacher will be able to mark and enter the grades of exams with ease as it is done automatically for him/her.


The administration's vision:
Achieving a pioneering position in controlling for and developing students' assessments through e-learning grounded in modern information and telecommunications technology in order to facilitate evaluation and assessment procedures, to be mediated in an e-learning environment. The administration also seeks to pioneer the process of disseminating an e-learning culture and making it accessible using the latest ICT techniques.

The Administration of E-Testing (AET) aims at providing an electronic centre for e-testing where faculty members can find it easy to preserve a place for testing their students online through conducting it in one of the e-learning labs available through the AET. The AET also aims to provide technical support for faculty and for students through making available examination results online easily and securely, yet confidentially with regard to testing and results diffusion. As such, the AET has set the procedures for conducting an e-exam as follows:
1. Coordination with the e-learning specialist in a particular college with regard to uploading an e-test via QuestionMark;
2. Contacting the AET to reserve a seat for students to be-examined via email <exams@ekku.edu.sa > or follow up the reservation via the extension number 8682;
3. Filling an an e-test application online via Blackboard, restricted to testing procedures designated in the form;
4. Handing in the form to the AET signed and sealed by the respective college;
5. Finally, test results are printed out, ratified and sealed by the AET.


Online Exams

1-The instructor has to get the approval of the Head of the Dept. and the Dean of the College to administer an online final exam.
2-The instructor has to try the exam before conducting it to avoid any error that may occur due to improper setting.
3-The instructor has to coordinate with the online exam coordinator to schedule his exams and allocating the appropriate labs in at least a week before the exam.
4-The instructor is responsible to provide the invigilators according to the number of his students and the reserved labs.
5-It is the responsibility of the instructor or the invigilator to verify the student’s identity, his attendance, his log in and his log out of the system.
6-The instructor is responsible to submit the exam marks as per the university rules and regulations.
7-The instructor is responsible for any error that may occur during the exam such as wrong multiple choices or any other errors that may lead to unacceptable results.
8-The e-Learning Deanship is only responsible for technical support during exams.
9-The instructor should have at least one hard copy of the exam to be used in case of any emergency.

The supervisor of E-exams & Labs -Tel 8682  Mr.Saad Shaalan Al-Qahtani exams@kku.edu.sa
The supervisor of E-exams & Labs - Abha – Education - Art Ms.Rehab Alshahrani
The supervisor of E-exams & Labs -Alsamer Complex Ms. Areej Alobaid


 Guide for How to Use The new E-Learning Labs Booking System   



لا غرابة على عمادة التعليم

لا غرابة على عمادة التعليم الألكتروني ما تقوم به من جهد عظيم و واضح و ضوح الشمس في رابعة النهار

أشكر جميع منسوبي التعليم الالكتروني و على رأسهم الدكتور عبدالله الوليدي على حرصهم الشديد لنشر ثقافة التعليم الألكتروني
بشكل مستمر

دمتم بخير يا مبدعين

هي خدمه رائعه جدا ولكن لابد

هي خدمه رائعه جدا ولكن لابد من توعية الطلاب وهيئة التدريس لكم تحياتي وخالص شكري

إسلوب رائع في التعليم العالي

إسلوب رائع في التعليم العالي ولكن للأسف لم يتم تعريفنا بهذا النظام بشكل واضح ودقيق
حيث يطلب منا الأطلاع على المحاضرات وحل الواجبات وأيضا مناقشة الأعضاء ونحن لم نتمرس على النظام المتاح

ونحن طالبات السنة الأولى نحتاج مزيد من الدعم والتعريف بالبرنامج
وأتمنى من أستاذاتي وأساتذتي الكرام مراعاتنا في ذلك
وجزاكم الله خير الجزاء

اولا شكراعلى هالتقدم

اولا شكراعلى هالتقدم والابداع
ثانيا اود معرفة الكثير عن هذة الخدمة لان معلوماتي جدا متواضعه
ومليون مرة تشكروا