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Faculty Brochure of E-Learning at King Khalid University

The eLearning Deanship at King Khalid University works to contribute effectively to enable the University members to achieve their changing needs using the tools, practices and environment provided by the e-learning systems.

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Introductory Video about E-Learning Systems

e-Learning deanship has produced a introductory video that explains the main steps taken to practice the electronic learning system, allowing all students the chance to learn the basic procedures and how to use the process correctly . 

E-Learning Systems Video Tutorials for Students & Faculty Members

Deanship of e-learning is providing a library of video tutorials on e-learning systems to assist students and faculty members in the e-learning process.

    * Video Tutorials for Students

    * Video Tutorials for Faculty Members



A Presentation on “The Concept of Blended Learning in English Language Teaching” at the Faculty of Languages & Translation

 Under the patronage of Dr. Abdullah Al-Melhi, Dean of the Faculty of Languages & Translation, the E-Learning Unit at the Faculty organized a presentation on “The Concept of Blended Learning in English Language Teaching”. Dr. Mohamed Amin Mekheimer delivered a detailed presentation on the topic.

Dr. Abdulkhaliq Al-Qahtany, Vice-Dean for Quality & Development, Dr. Ahmed Ismail Asir, Vice- Dean of the Faculty, and Mr. Abdullah Al-Rezgi, the Director of English Language Center, graced the occasion.

Describing the term ‘blended Learning’, Dr. Mohamed Amin Mekheimer said:  “The term blended learning originated in the business world in connection with corporate training, then was employed in higher education, and lastly, it appeared in language teaching and learning.” He further added that blended learning in English Language Teaching combines a face-to-face (F2F) classroom component with an appropriate use of technology.  On the question of the need of the adaptation of blended learning approach, Dr. Mohamed Amin said that learners nowadays expect technology to be integrated into their language classes.  Towards that end, blended learning can meet the learners’ expectations since it provides the ability to match learning styles and individually tailored solutions. It improves the learning rate and it increases access/flexibility and cost effectiveness.

To make blended learning effective in ELT, Dr. Mohamed Amin suggested that the instructor should keep into considerations the following five tenets that build up a principled b-learning model: the role of live interaction; the role of learner choice and self-regulation; models for support and training; balance between innovation and production and cultural adaptation. He also said that educators should separate the role of the teacher from that of technology, as these roles are not interchangeable, but they are complementary. Teachers should adapt a principled approach that best suits the learners’ needs. Technology should be used to complement and enhance F2F teaching. He emphasized that blended learning is not so much the program, more than what you do with it.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Abdul Khaliq Al-Qahtany, Vice-Dean for Quality & Development, applauded the presentation and stressed the need for the proper use of the technology. He also said that technology is a useful tool for enhancing the quality of education. It helps learners in imparting and disseminating the knowledge. 

Mr. Mohsin Raza Khan, Supervisor of the E-Learning Unit, said that the purpose of the presentation was to discuss the actual concept of blended learning in English language teaching and best practices around the world. 

Mr. Ali Alamry, In-charge of Students Activities at the Faculty, compered the function, and Dr. Abdul Wahid Alzumor, Mr. Rizwan Ghani and Mr. Gavin Louch asked the questions and raised the important issues about the topic. 

The presentation is attended by a large number of faculty members. 

Mr. Abdullah Al-Zubain, the E-Learning Specialist, Dr. Khaled Mohanna, the E-Learning Team Manager, Mr. Jabir Al-Thebi, Dr. Mohammad Asif, Mr. Faisal, Mr. Jawed Ahmed and Mr. Salahuddin Abdurrab provided holistic support to make the function a success.


"e-Learning Orientation Session for Freshers" conducted at Al-Namas Campus for Boys

The unit of e-learning at Al-Namas Campus for Boys under the patronage of hon’ble Dr. Ali Faiz Abu Hashim Al-Shehri, Dean of the Community College and Supervisor of the College of Science and Arts at Al Namas Campus conducted an orientation session for freshers on September 17, 2014. The orientation session was conducted under the supervision of Dr. Rizwan Alam Thakur (Ex-Head of Department Information Systems).

Hon’ble Dr. Ali Faiz Abu Hashim Al-Shehri took personal interest in monitoring the orientation session for students and himself accompanied students to e-Learning facility along with other faculty members. The Dean of the college was also accompanied by Vice Dean of the college hon’ble Dr. Abdullah Mansoor. They were pleased to receive students with lot of enthusiasm and zeal.

In the welcome address, Dr. Rizwan Alam Thakur talked about the general rules and guidelines for students. While Dr. Rizwan delivered  lecture in english language, it was simultaneously translated by Dr. El Sayed Gad Ragheb (Professor and Head of the Department of Business Administration) into arabic language and communicated to the student audience. Dr. Adel Mohamed Habib Abouelmaati Ghonim (Professor of Management) and Dr. Ammar Anas (Ex-Head of the Department of English) helped the e-Learning unit in the conduct of this orientation session. The e-Learning pamphlets and brochure were also provided to all the participants for reference. A vote of thanks was presented to all for their support and special thanks were presented to e-learning Deanship for their kind support and guidance.


eLearning Activities at Tanuma boys College

Name of the Activity : Practical Session for Teachers on e-Learning

Summary of the Session:

Mr. Usama Khalid, Faculty, Department of English, and Coordinator of the e-Learning Center of the college, started the sessions in presence of other faculty members. Through this session, he demonstrated almost all the major features of the Blackboard software and its ultimate goals in promoting e-Learning. It was an introductory session for the new faculties who joined the college in this semester. The session also included FAQs on some new changes in the Blackboard application, made by the e-Learning Deanship of KKU. 

Name of the Activity : Practical Session for Students on e-Learning

Summary of the Session:

Mr. Usama Khalid, the Coordinator of the e-Learning Center of the college, started the session in presence of students and other faculty members. Dr Abudulaziz Faghee, the dean of the college, has given welcome speech. Throughout the session, Usama practically demonstrated various topics on e-Learning. Students also participated in the session by asking FAQs on e-Learning. It was a brainstorming project for the new students who have been enrolled in the college in this semester. The session ended with a practical demonstration of a course taught and designed by Mr. Muhammad Reazul Islam, a faculty in the Dept. of English in the college.

Benefits of eLearning as a result of their Experience!

A group of faculty members and students at King Khalid University, telling some of the tips that reflect the benefits of e-learning as a result of their experience.

eLearning Deanship participated in ''New-Faculty Orientation Program'' 2014

Learning Deanship participated in  ''New-Faculty Orientation Program'', which organized by Deanship of Teaching Staff and Employees at King Khalid University under the auspices of the University President Prof. Abdul Rahman Al-Daoud.

Mr. Mohammad Al-Jarallah, training manager at e-learning deanship, provided an introductory presentation on the e-learning explaining the eLearning systems and services provided by eLearning Deanship.

The participation of eLearning Deanship in that program where fruitful and highly appreciated by the participants and the organizers.


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E-Learning Deanship Announces the Launch of Its Mobile Apps

eLearning Deanship at King Khalid University is pleased to announce the launch of its Mobile Applications for smart phones, tablets and iPad devices to serve University students and faculty members.

Download NOW :

 Note: This is the first version of the Apps and to be developed regularly.